Liquid Handling


Echo 550 Acoustic Liquid Transfer System

The Echo 550 from Labcyte is optimized for transferring volumes as low as 2.5 nl with its state of the art acoustic transfer technology, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination and the use of wasteful plastics.


  • Touchless transfer operation. No tips, nozzles and pin tools mean no cross-contamination and no waste
  • Screening package with 70-100% DMSO calibrations
  • Omics package with biological reagents calibrations

Tecan Fluent Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Coming in November 2015.


  • 8-channel and multichannel heads integrated into a single platform
  • Liquid handling from 0.5uL to 5000uL in 96, 384, and 1536 well formats
  • Next-generation liquid handling control delivers unmatched positional accuracy and precision
  • Built-in touchscreen interface for exceptional ease of use and enhanced process security

Formulatrix Mantis Liquid Dispenser

The Mantis is an easy to program, low volume, low dead-volume, non-contact reagent dispenser.


  • Dispense range of 100 nL – 2 mL
  • Compatible with any plate density up to 1536
  • The Mantis can be configured with up to (6) different reagents
  • Extremely low dead volume
  • Microfluidic Dispensing Technology enables fast and accurate dispensing

TTP Labtech Mosquito Crystal

Fast and accurate liquid handler that utilizes positive displacement micropipettes.


Protein Crystallography

  • Accurate and precise drop placement for automated analysis
  • Allows different samples, constructs, complexes volume ratios or protein concentrations to be assessed simultaneously


  • Disposable micropipettes guarantee zero carry-over between samples

Integra Biosciences ViaFILL 

Dispense cells, media, or other reagents rapidly into 96 and 384 well plates.


  • 8-channel peristaltic pump for basic dispensing into plates
  • GRIPTip option to use disposable tips
  • Supports 96- and 384-well plates

Tecan HydroSpeed Plate Washer

Designed to provide optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs in both 96- and 384-well plates.


  • Extra gentle cell washing with tuneable wash power
  • Reliable operation through active prevention of needle clogging