Working Papers:  

Reputation Effects under Interdependent Values    Online Appendix     (R&R, Econometrica)   

Trust and Betrayals: Reputational Payoffs and Behaviors without Commitment  (R&R, Econometrica) 

Reputation Building with Endogenous Speed of Learning

Crime Entanglement, Deterrence and Witness Credibility     Online Appendix    (with Bruno Strulovici)

Reputation with Strategic Information Disclosure     Online Appendix

Monotone Equilibria in Signalling Games  (with Shuo Liu)  (R&R, European Economic Review)

Uncertainty about Uncertainty in Communication   (R&R, Games and Economic Behavior)

Constitutional Design: An Optimal Delegation Approach (with Daron Acemoglu)


Communication with Endogenous Information Acquisition   Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 160, December 2015.

When Does Restricting Your Opponent’s Freedom Hurt You?  Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 100, November, 2016.