Working Papers:

Reputation Effects under Interdependent Values     (R&R, Econometrica)           Online Appendix

Reputation Effects with Endogenous Speed of Learning (preliminary draft available upon request)

Crime Entanglement, Deterrence, and Witness Credibility     Online Appendix   (with Bruno Strulovici)

Trust and Betrayals: Reputational Payoffs and Behaviors without Commitment           Online Appendix

Reputation with Strategic Information Disclosure     Online Appendix

Monotone Equilibria in Signalling Games  (with Shuo Liu)

Uncertainty about Uncertainty in Communication   (R&R, Games and Economic Behavior)

Work in Progress:

Constitutional Design—An Optimal Delegation Approach (with Daron Acemoglu)

Equilibrium Payoffs in Repeated Games with Interdependent Values