Mini-symposium on Advances in Terramechanics at EMI2019, June 18-21, Caltech

Consider submitting an abstract to our mini-symposium on Advances in Terramechanics as part of the EMI2019 conference running from June 18-21 this year at Caltech (

MS#42. Advances in Terramechanics: Soil-Machine Interaction, Mobility, Terrestrial Robotics, and Beyond.

Co-organizer(s): Jim Hambleton, Northwestern University; Dan Negrut, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Dan Goldman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Description: This mini-symposium aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss recent research and innovations in the area of terramechanics, the interdisciplinary field of engineering and science dedicated to understanding how physical and biological systems mechanically interact with soils and other terrain. The scope of the mini-symposium is broad, and we welcome presentations on topics including but not limited to locomotion, mobility, burrowing and tunneling, earth manipulation, remote sensing, sampling, terrain characterization and mapping, machine dynamics, machine simulation, autonomous vehicle simulation, robotics, virtual prototyping, biologically inspired and biomimetic design, and biomechanics. Contributions describing theory, simulation, laboratory experiments, and/or field testing are all welcome.

Abstracts are due January 30, 2019 February 15, 2019, and can be submitted via the EMI2019 website:

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