Old News #3: NU Career Day for Girls

We had a blast at the annual Career Day for Girls at Northwestern University on February 24.  We ran three different thirty-minute demonstrations to groups of students, each with with around 10 girls ranging from middle school to high school.  Here is what the girls signed up for:

Explore the world beneath your feet in the Soil-Structure and Soil-Machine Interaction Laboratory. You will meet our six-axis robot, Ernie, and discover how he is giving us insights into how machines move and shape earth. We will have a live demonstration, and you may even get the chance to take him for a test drive!

And here are some photos from the day:


Zhefei and Ana explain what students are looking at as they drive a tool through sand.


Jim, Ana, and Zhefei with a group of students at Career Days for Girls, Northwestern University, February 24, 2018.

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