Leadership Team

The 2019-2020 Leadership Team

Angel Bohannon, PhD Student in Human Development & Social Policy
Emily ChengPhD Student in Chemical & Biological Engineering

Allison Devitt, PhD Student in Chemistry

Elsa Koninckx, PhD Student in Chemical & Biological Engineering
Phalguni Shah, PhD Student in Physics

Professional Development Chairs
Ceja, PhD Student in Psychology (Evanston Campus)
Julianne Murphy, PhD Student in Health & Biomedical Informatics (Chicago Campus)

Service Chairs
Maggie Butler,
PhD Student in Anthropology
Anita Cisternas Fuentes, PhD Student in Plant Biology & Conservation
Abby Smith, PhD Student in Statistics

Social Chairs
JoAnna Addy, PhD Student in Psychology (Meals with Strangers Coordinator)
Kayla Miguel,
PhD Student in Neurobiology (Evanston Campus)
Iva Terwilliger, PhD Student in Health Sciences (Chicago Campus)

Mental Health Co-Chairs
Alexandra Berl, PhD Student in Chemistry
Phoebe Lin, PhD Student in Human Development & Social Policy
Michele Myong, PhD Student in Chemistry

Fitness & Wellness Chairs
Sirada (Ping) Rochanavibhata, 
PhD Student in Communication Sciences & Disorders (Evanston Campus)
Marisol Romero Tejeda, 
PhD Student in Pharmacology (DGP) (Chicago Campus)

Community Liaison
Kat Albrecht, PhD Student in Sociology

Faculty Advisor
Rebecca McMurray, Research Associate in Material Sciences & Engineering

Former Board Members

The GWAN Leadership team designs, facilitates, and evaluates all events based on feedback from GWAN participants. If you would like to become more involved with GWAN, or would like to talk to a member of the Leadership team, please email us.