Baking up bliss

The chapter recently had our bake sale fundraiser, where we raised over $200 to support outreach programs at the H.O.P.E Center. For an afternoon, customers came to enjoy a variety of delicious treats, as well as to purchase a variety of homemade crafts including coffee sleeves, coasters, and unique jewelry. More craft items can also be found on our Etsy page: GlobeMed Goods

The sale was a great opportunity to educate people about GlobeMed’s mission and purpose. Plus, the time spent with each other is always valued!

Stay tuned for future fundraising events…

NU World Day of Social Justice Conference

In the spirit of humanitarianism worldwide, Northwestern will be holding a university-wide World Day of Social Justice Conference to bring together engagement groups from all over campus to raise awareness and increase collaboration. Conference participates include GlobeMed at NU, the Center for Civic Engagement, LIFT Evanston, SEED, NUCHR, INSPIRE Films and others. Goals for the conference include spreading knowledge about the work different groups do, brainstorming ideas for working together, and decreasing programming conflicts in order to promote better event attendance.

The conference will be held February 20, from 12-3pm in Parkes Hall and is free and open to the public. The conference will be followed by a public speaking skills building workshop by Professor Peter Civetta. The workshop will be aimed at helping students effectively communicate the mission and work of their organizations. The tentative conference schedule is below:

12:00 – 12:10  –  Come in, get food, get seated

12:10 – 12:20  –  Introduction

12:20 – 12:35  –  Icebreakers

12:35 – 01:55  –  Group Presentations

01:55 – 02:30  –  Breakout Discussion Sessions

02:30 -03:00   – Food and networking

03:00 -05:00      – ULRPI Skills Training

This is the first year we are holding a WDSJ Conference at NU, but have high hopes for collaborative outcomes. This conference can be easily replicated on college campuses across the US.

There are 11 days left until the World Day of Social Justice, and still enough time to put this sort of event on at your school! All it takes are a couple student leaders to compile a list of the relevant groups, reach out to the students in charge of these organizations, and ask them:

1) For a description of the group’s work, mission, and ideas for collaboration for the conference packet

2) To prepare a brief 3-4 minute presentation

3) To bring 3-4 members to the conference

We have been planning this conference since the end of winter quarter, and of course the more preparation, the better. Consider planning a collaborative event like this for later on in the year even if it may be too late to put it on for WDSJ on 2/20. If you have any questions about planning such an event, feel free to contact me at


Domestic Food Policy: Nutrition facts out of context

Prompted by Michelle Obama’s campaign against obesity, food makers and grocers plan to more prominently display important nutrition info on the fronts of food products. But it seems what the industry wants to emphasize is not the same as what Mrs. Obama had originally intended.


“The Obama administration wanted the package-front labels to emphasize nutrients that consumers might want to avoid, like sodium, calories and fat. But manufacturers insisted that they should also be able to use the labels to highlight beneficial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and protein.

The administration concluded that “in the end, the label was going to be confusing, because those things would be included out of context, and it could make unhealthy foods appear like they had some redeeming quality,” said an official who was not authorized to discuss the talks and spoke on condition of anonymity. For example, the official said, “ice cream would be deemed healthy because it would have calcium in it.”

Nutrition News

Just wanted to post some interesting New York Times articles about recent nutrition related initiatives here in America…

“Wal-Mart Shifts Strategy to Promote Healthy Foods”—Title is pretty self explanatory, but basically Wal-Mart has just drafted a 5-year plan to improve the nutritional content of their food brand. Click here for full article!

“Food Makers Devise Own Label Plan”—following the suggestion of Ms. Obama, the food industry is creating nutrition labels with important nutrition information to be displayed on the front of boxes. while proponents regards this initiative as a good first step to educating consumers about what is in their foods, critics worry that the way the labels are made and the information that is provided may be confusing or may convey misleading information to consumers. Click here for full article!


-Heather Polonsky

Act Local, Think Global (TONIGHT!)

Thursday (TONIGHT!), Nov. 11th, 8:00 p.m. in Swift 107

Community organizing or international development? Working abroad or in your own backyard? How do you engage?

They’re questions everyone has asked, but few have been able to answer. Join NUCHR, GES, NCDC and GlobeMed for a thought-provoking panel discussion this Thursday (TONIGHT)! This is the next in the “Why Does it Matter, NU?” series, bringing the NU community together to discuss how to follow their passions into sustainable change.