GlobeMed Ugly Sweater Sale: A Review


On November 17-20 the GlobeMed Campaigns Team put on the annual Sweater Sale. Here is Jason Chen, Co-President of Campaigns, on the fundraiser in review.

I believe that the annual fall ugly sweater sale is consistently our most successful fundraiser. We large amount of traffic we get brings in a lot of money as well as spreads awareness about GlobeMed and what we do. The sweater sale this year was over the course of four days in the Norris student center.

We put a lot of time into planning the sweater sale. We made many trips to local stores throughout the Chicagoland area to find as many ugly sweaters as possible. All of the promotion materials were constructed by the amazing Communications Team to help spread the word throughout campus via Facebook and flyering. It was a huge success and we sold over 230 sweaters, bringing in almost $4000 in profits.

All of our events, including the sweater sale, raise money to support the Adonai Childhood Development Centre, which is an orphanage in rural Namugoga, Uganda. Our incredible fundraising efforts this year have been going towards supporting a health clinic that opened up for the Namugoga community last year. The work that we do to raise money for the Adonai center makes a huge difference and truly goes a long way in helping to improve the health of the those in need at the Adonai center and in the surrounding community.

The sweater sale is about much more than just the number of sales we make; for every product sold, it is a chance for people to learn about GlobeMed, Adonai and all of the amazing work our partnership does.

“Helping Students Who Give”

By Amanda Blazek

NSH Impact Week here at Northwestern kicked off Sunday night, with the seven opposing teams joining for a dinner of Indian food and team rallying before the week of rivalry ahead. GlobeMed had a strong turnout and (I would say) the loudest cheering section.

Impact Week stretches from May 4th to May 10th and is hosted by Northwestern Student Holdings – an entrepreneurial student group that launches and finances on-campus businesses. For NSH Impact week, each NSH business has been paired with an on-campus philanthropy to raise money and awareness for each club and cause.

GlobeMed has six strong competitors this week including Peer Health Exchange, Best Buddies, Tufaan, NCDC, Applause for a Cause and Mimo. Each team made a video representing their organization and the work it does. As with all things in today’s world, the competition boils down to the number of votes, or “Likes”, on social media. Whichever video is most popular will receive the grand prize.

As of now, NSH has donated $2500 for the Impact Week prizes, ranging from  $1000 for the grand prize to $100 for the 7th place prize. But this week is also about fundraising. Donations can be made online to increase the monetary prize for each philanthropy, providing even more support for each cause.

Most importantly, this week is about raising awareness for each organization and their work. As the token orange balloons of Impact Week appear all over campus, NSH hopes to encourage others to reach out and get involved. Although the NSH money will tremendously help each organization, the long-term support from the NU community will be even more impactful.

So stop by the arch this week, where a tent will be set up every day selling raffle tickets and handing out orange balloons. But most importantly, go to and VOTE for your favorite video (i.e. GlobeMed). Voting will help the philanthropy of your choice (i.e. GlobeMed) to win Impact Week and the $1000 prize. This could have a huge impact on organizations (i.e. GlobeMed) and the work they are doing (i.e. saving lives). Impact Week has officially started, so vote now by clicking the “Like” button on the left of the linked page! (For GlobeMed.)

May 26 – Support GlobeMed’s 5K and Partner Fun Run!

On Sunday, May 26, GlobeMed at Northwestern will be hosting a 5K and Partner Fun Run.  Proceeds fund clean water projects for the Adonai Children’s Centre in Namugoga, Uganda.

The 5K starts at 10 a.m. on the Lakefill, and the Partner Fun Run will take place right after at 11 a.m.!  For the Fun Run, partner up for our wild, one-lap course including stations with water balloons, an egg toss, and much more. Prizes include: free Evanston meal and movie passes, including Andy’s, Chili’s, and much more!

All interested should register here! Registration is available on race day too. Please note that only cash will be accepted if registering on race day.


5K: $5 per runner
Partner Fun Run: $5 per person
Discount: Run both events for only $8 total!

Questions? E-mail

The 5K and Fun Run are great ways to support a wonderful cause, have a good time, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, hang out with friends, and meet new people! We hope to see you there!

Baking up bliss

The chapter recently had our bake sale fundraiser, where we raised over $200 to support outreach programs at the H.O.P.E Center. For an afternoon, customers came to enjoy a variety of delicious treats, as well as to purchase a variety of homemade crafts including coffee sleeves, coasters, and unique jewelry. More craft items can also be found on our Etsy page: GlobeMed Goods

The sale was a great opportunity to educate people about GlobeMed’s mission and purpose. Plus, the time spent with each other is always valued!

Stay tuned for future fundraising events…

The life of a shirt

Our second annual Global Marketplace is coming up in less than a week on Tuesday, October 19. This is going to be an amazing event, not only because it’s a great opportunity for some low-budget shopping while raising money for the H.O.P.E. Centre, but also because the way clothes are bought, made, and disposed of is an important public health issue. It is important to reassess our relationship with the goods we purchase. Compassionate, informed consumerism can turn each purchase you make into an act of political expression. Follow the presentation to learn more about the kinds of questions you should be asking as you go through the life of a shirt.–KATIE SMILEY

Donate, then attend the Global Marketplace!

On October 19th, GlobeMed and Northwestern will host its first fundraiser of the year, the Global Marketplace, in the Norris Center Louis Room from 11 am – 4pm! All proceeds from the Global Marketplace will go toward a reproductive health project for the Health Outreach & Peer Education (H.O.P.E.) Center in Ho, Ghana. This is a great opportunity to find a Halloween costume, pick out some one-of-a-kind crafts and help recycle campus fashion! To help out, please consider donating your gently used clothing, accessories, books, DVDs, etc. Drop-off boxes are located in on campus dorms, but also feel free to contact GlobeMed at Northwestern ( to set up a pick-up time!

Kathleen’s updates from the H.O.P.E. Center

The H.O.P.E. Center is aammaaazzzziiinnnggg, and yes, it does deserve all of those letters. It’s so great to see the H.O.P.E. Center in person — not just in pictures — and just to see where all of our hardwork and money goes! Keep it up everyone! The staff is wonderful — all so nice and welcoming. Sister Mary just laughs at us all of the time. I think she thinks our accents are funny. Margaret is literally amazing and definitely one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I made the mistake of telling her that I am afraid of spiders so she hasn’t let me live that down at all and mentions it every time she sees me… greatttt… We had a lizard crawling all over our walls and ceiling last night, which was absolutely terrifying. But other than work we watched the Germany versus Ghana football game. This has been such a great experience already and will definitely continue to be for the next 5 weeks!

To Northwestern students:
This past fall, GlobeMed at Northwestern began what will soon be a a chapter tradition: The Global Marketplace. If you are interested in donating to our annual sale, please pick up something during your travels that can be sold at the Marketplace in the fall? It doesn’t matter if you aren’t going somewhere international, anything would be great! Thanks!