Northwestern Chapter

Northwestern Roots

GlobeMed was founded by Northwestern students in 2007.  The group of Northwestern undergraduates were brought together by their common determination to answer one question: What is the best way for college students to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world? This model would unlock the passion, resources, and creativity of their generation to help build a healthier world for all. Northwestern’s GlobeMed began to build the GlobeMed dream by partnering with the H.O.P.E. Center in Ho, Ghana.

Global Reach

Today, the GlobeMed network engages over 2,000 undergraduates at 58 university-based chapters throughout the U.S. We engage partners organizations across four continents, raising over one million dollars to implement more than 207 health projects in poor communities around the world.

We ended our partnership with the H.O.P.E. Center after five successful years, and now we have paired up with the Adonai Child Development Center to give everyone a chance at a healthy life in Namugoga, Uganda.

GlobeMed at Northwestern strives to educate students about global health issues, raise awareness in the community on how they can battle inequity, and inspire new generations of leaders.

The 2017-2018 exec board:

Co-Presidents                                                        Matthew Dulas and Nadia Ghazali
GHU Co-Directors                                                Moneb Bughrara and Kathleen Clark
Campaigns Co-Directors                                    Casey Grage and Alexus Snowden
Community Building Co-Directors                   Camille Cooley and Jimmy Wester
Director of Finances                                             Kevin Sturr
Director of Communications                              Grace Jing
Director of Newsletter                                         Alice Schaack
GROW Coordinator                                              Yasmine Diara
Director of Advocacy                                            Jacob Salomon

To contact anyone on exec, please direct your comments and questions to