On November 17-20 the GlobeMed Campaigns Team put on the annual Sweater Sale. Here is Jason Chen, Co-President of Campaigns, on the fundraiser in review.

I believe that the annual fall ugly sweater sale is consistently our most successful fundraiser. We large amount of traffic we get brings in a lot of money as well as spreads awareness about GlobeMed and what we do. The sweater sale this year was over the course of four days in the Norris student center.

We put a lot of time into planning the sweater sale. We made many trips to local stores throughout the Chicagoland area to find as many ugly sweaters as possible. All of the promotion materials were constructed by the amazing Communications Team to help spread the word throughout campus via Facebook and flyering. It was a huge success and we sold over 230 sweaters, bringing in almost $4000 in profits.

All of our events, including the sweater sale, raise money to support the Adonai Childhood Development Centre, which is an orphanage in rural Namugoga, Uganda. Our incredible fundraising efforts this year have been going towards supporting a health clinic that opened up for the Namugoga community last year. The work that we do to raise money for the Adonai center makes a huge difference and truly goes a long way in helping to improve the health of the those in need at the Adonai center and in the surrounding community.

The sweater sale is about much more than just the number of sales we make; for every product sold, it is a chance for people to learn about GlobeMed, Adonai and all of the amazing work our partnership does.