Although the fresh pineapples are delicious, the palm trees inviting, and the weather warm, the best part of the GROW trip continues to be getting to know the dynamic personalities behind the HOPE Center. At long last, I am able to put a face on the newest member to our partnership, Head Nurse Perfect Titiati.

From left to right: Sister Schola, Sister Doris, Sister Perfect, Sister Love, Sister Vivian.

Although she was very busy preparing a series of two day workshops on recent developments in malaria treatments, she still greeted Parul and I on our first day with a warm “You’re Welcome.” A few days later, Parul and I attended the malaria workshop (a strong reminder for me to take my mefloquine!) where Sister Perfect introduced about 30 healthworkers to the topic and lead group discussions. She asked us to introduce ourselves and declare our main value. When one woman stated laughter Nurse Perfect mused, “Laughter? A value should guide us in all our thoughts and actions. It gives us direction. Tell me sister, do you laugh at a funeral?” Similarly, when one woman offered reading as a value, Sister Perfect quipped, “Do you read at a funeral?” The more I listened to her the more I was struck by her effortless blend of humor and wisdom into moments I’m sure will stick with me for years to come.

And what was Sister Perfect’s core value? As she humbly stated, hard work. Upon greeting Deepa and Neha she expressed her enthusiasm in meeting with us in the next few weeks to lay the groundwork for the future of our partnership. Through Nurse Perfect’s guidance and dedication to excellence, I’m sure the bond between GlobeMed and Ghana Health Services will be stronger than ever.