Global Distribution of Death by Nutrition Deficiency

How does individual behavior affect the international realm?

In the past 50 years, the rapid growth of the fast food industry has stimulated the industrialization of food. As a result, a few big businesses have come to control the food industry: what is produced, how it is produced, who produces it, how it is distributed, to whom is it distributed, and, even, how is it regulated and by whom is it regulated. The grand-scale commercialization of food, especially meat, has given rise to a new type of agriculture–factory farming.

Overproduction of corn from a farm factory.

Factory farming is not only unsustainable, but also perpetuates inequity among nations with regards to food abundance. Consumers, as an aggregate entity, influence the supply and demand of such unhealthy, unsustainable foods. Through informed, conscious choices, consumers can change what businesses sell, who will change how farming works, who will decrease overproduction which could lead to further equilibrium among countries.

– Kalindi Shah