About the Consortium

The consortium is a collaborative arrangement among scholars in the Chicago area studying German philosophy beginning with Kant and German Idealism, its origins, and its influences on other philosophical traditions. The consortium’s aim is twofold:

  1. to foster discussion of German philosophical texts and systematic philosophies
  2. to encourage examination of the central concepts, methods, and concerns from the German tradition, such as transcendental philosophy, phenomenology, critique, autonomy, dialectic, alienation, and nihilism

It is also a collaborative enterprise in graduate education. Graduate students in these areas are encouraged to attend seminars and events at cooperating institutions, in order to exploit the significant resources in scholarship in German philosophy in the Chicago area.

The consortium sponsors lectures, a yearly workshop of Chicago area scholars, and aims to disseminate information concerning events, seminars, and reading groups sponsored by participating departments of interest to scholars of German philosophy. We hope that the consortium will also serve as a resource for scholars and students of German philosophy from outside the Chicago area.

Advisory Committee

Mark Alznauer, Andrew Cutrofello, Sean Ebels Duggan, Cristina Lafont, Robert Pippin, Kevin Thompson, Rachel Zuckert