April 15th 2018: It is Tracy’s last day at Northwestern! The A Team gives her an epic send-off with one final group photo. Both this site and her email will be inactive shortly.

March 15th 2018: Yanshan’s paper is online in Macromolecules! Link

March 11th 2018: Tracy leaves for her Clara Immerwahr Award 3 week research stay at the FHI in Berlin!

February 28th 2018: Madi’s Mn paper is online in Inorganic ChemistryLink

February 9th 2018: Tracy accepts the 2018 Clara Immerwahr Award in Berlin and gives a talk on thermodynamically leveraged tandem and metal oxide catalysts for the deconstruction of oxygenated substrates.

Award Winner: Dr. Tracy L. Lohr Northwestern University, Evanston, USA
„Thermodynamically leveraged tandem and metal oxide catalysts for deconstructing oxygenated substrates”

February 5th 2018: Unicat’s article on Tracy appears online “A Tribute to a Catalyst Expert” Link

November 29th 2017: Tracy has been awarded the international UniCat 2018 Clara Immerwahr Award for significant contributions to the field of catalysis for a woman under 40! She will go to Berlin to accept her award on Feb. 9th 2018 followed by a research stay in March. Link

October 25th 2017: Both Jiazhen’s and Anna’s manuscripts are accepted into Angew Chem. Int. Ed and Organometallics! Congrats guys!

July 17th 2017: Jiazhen’s manuscript is online in ACS Catalysis! Scandium FTW! Link

July 12th 2017: The heterogeneous molybdenum oxo work has been featured on the inside cover of Energy and Environmental Science’s July issue and been selected as a 2017 “Hot Article”!

July 7th 2017: Representatives from PetroChina visit the group for a full day of talks and our students did a great job!

June 22nd 2017: Tracy travels to Calgary Alberta to give her first principal investigator talk on bimetallic titanium olefin polymerization and oxidative coupling of methane at Nova Chemical’s Research and Technology Center (thanks D.M. for the invitation!).

June 4-9th 2017: Tracy attends and gives a single site catalysis talk at the 25th North American Catalysis meeting in Denver CO and catches up with some old friends from Northwestern, Argonne, UOP-Honeywell, Iowa State, Ames Lab, U Ottawa, and IIT.

Tracy has been elected as Vice President and Program Chair for the 2017-2018 year of the Chicago Catalysis Club. Now to think about inviting speakers!

May 16th 2017: The group attends the Chicago Catalysis Club annual symposium at the BP Research Center and Tracy gives a talk on hydrogen formation from aqueous alcohols (thanks Max for the invitation!).

May 15th 2017: ISEN’s inaugural magazine “Empower” is now online! Tracy and her research are featured on page 9. Link

May 8th 2017: Tracy’s second paper as a corresponding author is accepted into Catalysis Science and Technology! Way to go Mike (Shengshi) and Jiaqi! Link

April 7th 2017: The EES manuscript on hydrogen production from bio-alcohols/methanol reforming is online! It’s been a great week! Link

April 5th 2017: The ALD MoS2 manuscript in collaboration with the Lauhon group (NU MatSci) is online, congrats Titel! Link

April 4th 2017: Tobin accepts the Priestley Award at the ACS National awards banquet with a mini reunion with Max Delferro, Christie Twist, Alex Dudnik, and Tony Facchetti

March 24th 2017: New Lohr/Marks Group (A Team) Picture! (Photo credit: Mitch Jacoby, C&EN)

March 10th 2017: Tracy’s last post-doc manuscript is accepted into Energy and Environmental Science!

January 30th 2017: Tracy’s research on alcohol reforming is featured on the front page of Northwestern Research: “Lohr Perfecting Chemical Manufacturing Technique in ISEN Flex Lab” (Link)

January 2017: Tracy’s first manuscript as a corresponding author is published in ACS Catalysis! Congrats Vicki and Chris! (Link to article)

December 5th 2016: The article ISEN wrote about Tracy and her research is online: “Building Energy Neutral Processes for Chemical Manufacturing”  Link to article

November 2016: The trickle-bed reactor is built and set-up in the ISEN Flex lab! Tracy is interviewed about her research (coming soon!) Photo credit: Monika Wnuk, ISEN

October 2016: Tracy moves into the ISEN Flex Lab!  Link to ISEN spotlight

September 2016: Parts are in and Tracy starts reactor building! Her desk has seen better days….

Early September 2016: Tracy reaches Member status of the Royal Society of Chemistry!

August 2016: Tracy receives independent funding and lab space from the Institute for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN) at Northwestern University to work on bio-available alcohol reforming! isen_horz_lockup


July 2016: Tracy is asked to co-organize the Priestley Medal Award Symposium at the Spring ACS Meeting in San Francisco in honor of Tobin J. Marks