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Tag: Hillbrow

An Interview with Samuel Madzivanyika

An interview with current Hillbrow resident, Samuel Madzivanyika. Sam is a Zimbabwean national who initially came to Johannesburg South Africa in 2014. Sam came...
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An Interview with Melanie Malema

An interview with former Hillbrow resident, Melanie Malema. Ms. Malema moved into Hillbrow in the late 1980s and lived in the iconic Ponte Towers...
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Johannesburg Stories

There are a million stories in the big city. Phaswane Mpe decided to tell the stories of Refentse and Refilwe two aspiring writers from...
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A Second Look at Hillbrow

Let’s take a second look at the Johannesburg neighborhood of Hillbrow, its rise, its decline, and its current rejuvenation! Al Jazeera English produced a...
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What’s in a Name?

One interpretation of Mpe’s meticulous description of Hillbrow as a neighborhood, its boundaries and street names is that he not only wanted to paint...
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Welcome to Our Hillbrow

Hillbrow is a residential suburb of Johannesburg, or what we would call an inner city neighborhood. The neighborhood of Hillbrow is also the focus...
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