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A Second Look at Hillbrow

Let’s take a second look at the Johannesburg neighborhood of Hillbrow, its rise, its decline, and its current rejuvenation! Al Jazeera English produced a very interesting hour-long documentary on the inner-city neighborhood and its residents. The Mail&Guardian produced a short video of the revitalization efforts currently going on in Hillbrow. There is also a short video on the revival of the iconic Ponte Tower apartment building. And finally, take a stroll down the streets of Hillbrow in this short video with filmmaker Les Glassman!


Posted by Leah Altman on

From these images the city looks a lot better than I would have thought based off how it is described in “Welcome to our Hillbrow”, it does not look like it is in it’s prime, however it does not look extremely sketchy or run down.

Posted by Vladimir Lauture on

Why would they make a documentary about the life in Hillbrow

Posted by Vladimir Lauture on

Why would they name the documentary “Between Heaven and Hell”

Posted by Leslie Alanis on

The video was a helpful resource it helped me visualize how Hillbrow looks.

Posted by Max Bryn on

These pictures make Hillbrow look like some neighborhoods in Chicago, with flats surrounding apartment complexes.

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