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Johannesburg, the African City



Johannesburg my City: Interview Series

Erik Ponder interviewed talk radio host Thabiso Tema, educator Jackie Gallagher, and fashion expert Kgomosto Moloantoa.  
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An Interview with Samuel Madzivanyika

An interview with current Hillbrow resident, Samuel Madzivanyika. Sam is a Zimbabwean national who initially came to Johannesburg South Africa in 2014. Sam came...
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An Interview with Melanie Malema

An interview with former Hillbrow resident, Melanie Malema. Ms. Malema moved into Hillbrow in the late 1980s and lived in the iconic Ponte Towers...
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Youth Day and the Soweto Uprising

On June 16, 1976 black South African school children protested against the introduction of the language Afrikaans as the medium of instruction. On that...
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The South African Rand

The official South African currency is the Rand. The Rand is currently trading at 13.12 to the US dollar. There is considerable debate amongst...
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The South African Music Awards (SAMA23)

The biggest night in South African music occurred over the weekend at the Sun City Superbowl. Here is a small sample of the festivities....
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Video Clips From Google Hangout Sessions (The Economy, Violence, and Crime)

Ma’az – For the 23 years that the ANC has governed South Africa many aspects of life have changed while others remain static. Erik...
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Video Clips From Google Hangout Sessions (Comparative Analysis, American Cultural Influences, and South African Society)

Matthew – I thought that the discussion with Erik was really thoughtful and powerful. I thought that he has amazing insights into South Africa,...
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Video Clips From Google Hangout Sessions (Host Erik Ponder)

Sydney – I just thought it was amazing that we were able to talk to someone in a different continent in the first place....
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