Day 1 without the Live-in Helper: Wish me Luck Okay?

This is a second draft of my post.

The first ended up being one long rant about all the reasons why I am glad our live-in helper has returned to Indonesia for good. I deleted it when i realised it doesn’t matter anymore. It was the past.

All that matters was that she was honest. I could trust her to take care of my boys. She was really very good at laundry and a part of me was really sad, maybe still sad, that she has left us.

But it is a step in the right direction. We will be going on without a live-in helper. My mom was a successful career woman and mother with no live in helper, and I shall be too!

So day 1.

Hubby and I woke up 1/2 hour earlier today. The boys were still asleep. Phew! I made their morning milk bottles while hubby showered. Their school bags were all packed and ready to go.

7am: We woke them up, got them into their party clothes- they’re celebrating Christmas today in school, got them to brush their teeth.

7.10am: I washed my face, brushed my teeth, pulled on some decent clothes and a tudung. Hubby rinsed the bottles and left them in the sink for me to finish up.

7.15am: Lined them up to wear their shoes. Ihsan ran back inside and refused to come out because he wanted to bring a picture of Bob the Builder with him. We told him he’d get to eat a christmas log cake if he went to school. He quickly ran out of the house.

7.20am: Finally out of the house and off to school.

7.23am: Boys arrive at school for temperature and HFMD checks (their school is at our void-deck, so it’s quite a speedy journey).

7.30am: Successfully done temperature checks, mouth, hand and feet checks. Hubby heads off to work.
I head back upstairs.

Ordinarily, I’d come up get ready for work and be out of the house by 8.15am. But today, I’m on leave. So i spent the morning clearing out her room and turn it back into a study cum laundry room. I also changed my sheets and arranged for some laundry ppl to pick them up to be cleaned (it’s Dec and there’s no sun, I’d rather save myself the trouble).

The new study cum laundry room…Work in progress…

Hubby confided to me that he was pretty scared about how we’d be able to cope without a live-in helper.

I replied, ” Yar! You better put in your fair-share of work to keep this household together.

But the truth is….I am afraid too! But I think we can do it. It’s going to take some hard work and discipline to manage this household, my challenging work and the rambunctious twins, but I think it’ll be okay.

Wish me luck okay?

A piece of home-made art

There’s a little space between our front door and our living room where my hubby’s electronic piano sits and the beautifully painted blue wall was just to bare for me to bear.

So faced with the fact that we hadn’t any budget to spend on art, I realised that I had to get creative.

One of my favourite things to do is to peruse crafting blogs which feature interesting interior decorating ideas. And one piece I saw inspired me to create a personal piece, which we’ve really come to enjoy.

Hey! Like real art!

Inspired by this project I found on I headed to Ikea to find a suitable frame- not very expensive. Rummaged through the bomb shelter/store room for nails and bits of twine. Found inexpensive wooden pegs at Daiso and fabric on sale at Spotlight.  I also needed to stop by at my favourite photo shop to get my favourite prints, and with my hubby’s hammer, I put together this beautiful display.

Isn’t it truly awesome?

I teared the moment this went up on the wall. It was all the happiest moments in the last few years of my life!

The best thing is, we get to update the pics as and when we want, and so everytime you visit, you may just get to see something different and something new.

The boys love this board. They’re always pointing at it, and calling out to the pictures of themselves, or their aunts, uncles and grandparents. It’s quite an interactive board and it tells our story.


our living space…

We spend most of our Sundays, lounging in our living room area. And it looks like this most of the time, cushions scattered here and there, and everything looking like someone just had a tumble around. It’s considered quite clean already- usually we have balls and toys strewn around as well! =)
It is my favourite space in our place for a couple of reasons:
#1.  It’s a great place to lounge, hang out and watch tv. On days when I need to, I just sprawl out on the floor. When we have visitors, people just plonk themselves down on the floor if the daybed is taken. Just an easy place to relax!
#2. I am in love with this Indian day bed we bought off craigslist. It’s in great condition and the couple who sold it to us were seriously sad to see it go. Someone gave it to them but they just didn’t have the space for it. I got it for a STEAL!
Only problem is I need to get the cushion upholstered, but haven’t gotten round to it. So bed-sheets from ikea will have to do now.  *grinz*
#3.  The built in display area! What’s not to love about having some space to put some of your favourite knick-knacs? All of the frames were gifts and really shows off my kookiness…
Yup, pics from my childhood. I’ve had these 2 pics by my bed-stand as a girl for years, and it was only natural to find a home for them in my new place. I’m sentimental like that. Hubby doesn’t have many pics of himself as a child, so mine hog our space for now!
#4. Finally, there’s our priceless artwork on display. This series of paintings called ‘Footprints for daddy’, was a  birthday gift we put together for my hubby. Yup, it’s the boys footprints.
 It’s really a combination of not being able to afford the sort of art we’d really like to own as well as not having enough time shop for a birthday present. Anyhow, Mr Eveel loved the gift and the boys and I had so much fun with paints!
If you’re going to point out that the canvas on the right is a little crooked- i knoooow….and it’s oh-kaaay…really!
Hope you’ve enjoyed our living room…next up will be our dining area….stay tuned! =)

Introducing the Eveel Lair

I think I’m finally ready to share the Eveel Lair with you folks…

We’ve moved into this home for close to half a year now, and I’ve finally gotten most of my decorating done.

With work and the twins, it’s been close to impossible to get things in place any faster. It has been a fair bit of work because the look that we were gunning for was something that didn’t look like an interior decorator put everything together. I wanted it to have a distinct sense of US!

This meant keeping the renovation simple. A simple canvas that we could leave our indelible marks on.

And boy of boy, trying to express individuality in a small 4 room HDB flat is no easy feat! To ensure that our living units are as small as possible without it being an unconducive living space, HDB planners have pretty much mapped out the way homes are built these days so that you have so little space and freedom to be really different.

So working around the constraints, mostly space, Mr Eveel and I have been engaged in a trial and error process of getting to where we are now. Some of our furniture have moved more than once over the last few months. And we’ve even had to switch the function of some spaces because reality trumped planning on paper.

Our inspiration

Our design inspiration is this set of lamps we bought when we were in Turkey 2 years ago. It was a trip that took place post-unsuccesful first pregnancy. It was a special trip because it was a healing trip. I think we both grieved the loss of our first pregnancy in separate and different ways and it was during the trip that it finally felt that our individual journeys of coming to terms with that loss had finally come to an end. And finally, we were together, in step, beginning a new journey, one filled with hope, together.

The lamps serve as an everyday reminder of the special place and that precious moment in our lives.

It was perfectly us. Because there’s nothing more (other than our twins) that we love more than COLOUR. It so made sense that our colour palette would be inspired by the beautiful gem like colours of the lamp. Bright Yellow, Shades of Blue, Red and Orange.

And what better colour to feature in our kitchen than the bright, sunny, happy colour YELLLOW.

Welcome to my kitchen!

I hope I’ve peaked your interest! I don’t expect everyone to love it, but I love it! And i’m so excited to share my excitement with you!

Stay tuned!