Perth in 10 days with 8 adults, 3 kids and 1 uber cute little baby- Our Road Trip!

Way too many things happening…too little time to Blog. I was reminded today by the hubs, that it’s exactly been a month since our trip to Perth. So, I guess, it’s a perfect time to reminisce about our lovely road-trip…

Our Road Trip Itinerary.

After 4 days in Perth, we headed down South…all the way down to Albany before shooting back up to Perth.

We started down South and stopped at Mandurah, which is a surreal little town, with houses and their very own Marina. We had great sun for a bit, and then it rained the rest of the day. Our stop at Bunbury had to be cancelled because of the heavy rain. Instead, we stocked up on snacks and drove on till our stop at Busselton. Checked in, had fish and chips, settled in and had an early night!

Oooh….the twins did end up jumping up and down on our bed after dinner and vomited ALL over our bed. Aussie service staff are amazing when it comes to these things. They were so nice about it. In Singapore, if one of my boys vomit, there’s usually a very silent but noticeable,  ‘SIIIGGGHHHH’ or ‘EEEERRRKKK’ followed by some evil looks thrown our way. So I was so pleasantly surprised. It was the same on another occasion when Ipin threw up at a supermarket. People around were so nice, called for the staff to clean up, and they were so nice about it. I felt soooooo loved!



The next morning, there was a little bit of rain and then gorgeous sunshine. While the rest of the family lumbered out of bed, I braved my little heart, and took the three handsome little boys out to the beach. Direct access to the beach, was after all why I chose to stay at the Bayview Geographe Resort.

I think my mum was quite worried that I’d end up losing at least one. What with, my little Ipin, loving to just run off into the wilderness not worrying that he’d lose us forever!

I did tell them though, that they had to stick near me, because the SHARKS were out there and at anytime one, would jump out of the sea and bite their legs off. Yes…I am that sort of mother. I will resort to lies and threats if need be.

They were surprisingly well-behaved.
Maybe it was because they were just adjusting to the cold cold winds!
It was a beautiful beach and a lovely morning!

We did not at any one time take the good weather for granted.
Just in the horizon, rain clouds loomed sending us warning of the coming showers! 

I rushed the boys back after we mucked around for a bit. We needed to get the whole house out an about before the rain stopped us from enjoying the Busselton Geographe area.
The highlight of the area was definitely Busselton Jetty. It’s the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, going out as far as 2km out into the sea. It had recently been reopened after a fire had destroyed parts of the jetty.
The boys loved taking the little tram-train on the jetty. We were all glad we decided to take the little train, as it started to rain and the wind made it very very cold. 
Upin refusing to pose for the camera. He turned away on purpose!
Our lil family, all bundled up nice and warm!
It was a beautiful day, despite the intermittent rain!


After frolicking by the Jetty, we drove South towards Dunsborough to check out the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. The drive was so beautiful as it was a meandering road along fields lush full of wild-flowers.

When we got there, we bought tickets, listened intently to instructions on how to get to the light-house. And proceeded to get lost.

We ended up instead walking on one of the hiking trails which led to a whale-watching spot.
The walk was lovely, although futile- as we realised we were walking further and further away from the lighthouse. But the wonderful thing was that the boys fell asleep as we walked!

Hubs checking out the view as we walked the WRONG way to the lighthouse.

We finally found our way to the lighthouse.

Ipin was still asleep, so only 2 handsome guys here. It’s funny. They look cold!

My brother and our uber culte lil baby- just chilling. What we enjoyed doing most while we were in Perth!

It was a really successful day. Besides the lighthouse, we managed to head to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory for some indulgence. Best part about it was that my boys were asleep. So we left them snoozing in the car with my father, while hubs and I went in bought chocs and enjoyed some hot chocolate…without the boys!

I mean, I do love my boys….but it’s nice when they’re quietly asleep too! Okay, it’s more than nice, it’s FABULOUS when they’re fast asleep! hehehe…

Oh my, I really am missing Perth….Stay tune for the next installment. It’s when the kids go wild at Willy Wonky’s Windmill Farm!

Perth in 10 days with 8 adults, 3 kids and 1 uber cute little baby- Irfan and his little pig

Obviously, a trip to Perth is never complete without a trip to the weekend markets in Fremantle, or Freyo, as the locals call it.

Boys in the rain-cover, cos the wind was seriously chilly!

I was absolutely excited about our trip to Freyo on Sunday because Jess was going to spend the day with us. Jess- is a fellow Marymount-aineer. We met on my first day at Marymount Secondary School. She sat next to me and we hit it off at once.

Along with 2 others, we formed the US4 clique in school. Lol…we were seriously cool. I went to my very very first musical ever with Jess. It was to watch Cats at Kallang Theatre. We seriously went cuckoo over the musical, memorising songs, learning the dance steps, watching ‘Cats’ documentaries over and over again. We tried several stunts from the musical, to the extent that once, she broke her mom’s glass wardrobe doors because she was trying to do a flip!

Jess and I, celebrating 21 years of friendship over the best coffee I had during my entire stay in Perth!

So, I was obviously excited to spend some time with her. Did I have foolish thoughts that we would break into a rendition of ‘A heart full of love’ from Les Mis? No. Sonia, may have entertained me. Jess, would have just rolled her eyes at me and laughed! She was much more mature that way!

What wasn’t so exciting was the crying that was happening during our car rides. By that morning, on the way to Freyo, I had come to the conclusion that no matter what, there will always be one twin screaming and yelling his head off in the car. That morning, it was Irfan. He didn’t want to follow us, preferring to stay at home to watch cartoons. So he cried all the way from Canningvale to Freyo. All 30 mins of the drive!

Luckily for us, the crying stopped when we arrived. And we got to enjoy our day in Freo, in the wonderful glorious Sun!

Stuff I adored about our day in Freo!

1. The Food! 

There were these tiny little cupcakes that the boys went nuts over. And they were just the perfect size for the boys too! Ihsan gave much grief to the cupcake lady, when he pointed to the cupcake he wanted from the display window, and insisted that he was given the one he was pointing at. She had to shuffle cupcakes away, just to get the one that he was pointing at, which obviously was the one right by the glass!

Thrilled with their cupcakes. Ihsan had picked a chocolate one with little colourful balls of sugar and Irfan chose a banana cupcake!Thrilled with their cupcakes. Ihsan had picked a chocolate one with little colourful balls of sugar and Irfan chose a banana cupcake!

These Gozlemes were really very very good!
Hubs thrilled about some Acai thing he got which was apparently super cheap compared to the stuff he gets at Evolve Gym here in SG.

Churros from Chocolateria San Churros…..YumZ!

2. The Lawn

The lawn, which is just outside the food part of the markets was an awesome little spot. We sat ourselves in the sun and enjoyed the snacks from the markets. It was great to just watch people stream in and out of the markets. It was a nice spot to relax AND also be part of the vibe!
3. More chilling at the Park
We caught up with the rest of the party and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the Park. There was a huge playarea that kept the kids occupied, while I got major catch-up time with Jess and the uber cute little baby.

The boys also got all excited when a balloon sculptor appeared. He sculpted animal balloons for the kids. Ihsan asked for a tiger. So that’s his little orange tiger and it’s tail. And Irfan asked for a pig.

Yes, a pig. Irfan had just started watching episodes of Peppa Pig on Australian TV and was just absolutely besotted with her. I, too, thinks that she is a most delightful little piglet. Such wonderful manners and most impeccable diction.

You know, Muslims and pigs? I didn’t really mind. And my mom jokingly asked him,”Weren’t there any other animals?” To which I responded, “Pigs are God’s creation too.”

And that’s how Irfan found a little piglet to accompany him throughout the rest of our trip in Perth!

The trip would have been perfect, if not for Ihsan crying the whole way back from Freo to the house. But we were getting quite used to that already. =)

Perth in 10 day with 8 adults, 3 kids and 1 uber cute lil’ baby- sleepy Roos and stoned Koalas!

I don’t ever count Day 1 of a trip, Day 1. It’s Day 0. Only because it sometimes takes the entire day to settle into the accommodation and settle rental cars, etc. You hardly get to see or do anything on the first day, hence I count it as Day 0.
And Day 0, was true to its form, a day of nothing but settling admin stuff. First, the car rental company took quite a long while. The cars were there, but the babyseats were not. And we NEEDED babyseats!
Then, we had some trouble checking into The Castle at Canningvale, a 4-storey house suitable for 8 adults, 3 kids and an uber cute little baby. The key that was left for us, was faulty and the landlady was 3 hours away! Luckily for us, mum’s cousin was just a 10 min drive away, so we headed there for our late lunch and waited for the landlady to sort the key situation out.
We then learnt that it had been raining in Perth- cats and dogs. Apparently, there had been little/no rain all Winter, and the rain had come this early Spring. Shucks! We checked out the weather forecast which basically said, Rain, Rain, Sun, Rain, Rain, Rain, Some Rain, Some Sun….you get the picture. Groan!
So, we decided to keep our fingers crossed.
Our general plan for the trip was: 3 days in and about Perth, 6 days around the Southern part of Western Australia and 1 final day in Perth before flying back.
And TOP on the agenda was Caversham Wildlife Park and Kangaroos! 
We woke up to……RAIN! Just as the weather forecast had predicted. But that didn’t stop us, we packed ourselves into the cars and drove 40mins North from where we were, to head to Kangaroo land!
And…blessed were we that when we arrived, we were greeted with sunshine! Even the Kangaroos were lazing about enjoying the sun!

I thought the boys would be scared. But boy, was I wrong! They basically pounced on the kangaroos.

My nephew Mik showing off the little pellets we fed the Kangaroos.
I had to run after the twins who tried to feed both kangaroos awake and kangaroos asleep!
Obviously, Caversham Wildlife Park had much more to offer than just Kangaroos. But the Kangaroos, were by far, the most popular animals at the park. I was thrilled my kids loved it, and it was nice to be able to get so up close and personal with the Roos. 
But, I’m not sure if it was because we were there in the morning, or because the sun was up, that the Kangaroos just looked really sleepy and lethargic. I guess, if you’re being poked awake by 2-yr old  boys, and then have food shoved up your face everyday, you’d get pretty lazy! 
The Little Birdies, Lizards, Snakes and Possums at the Wombat and Friends show were awesome!
My family and I visited Perth when I was in Primary school, and while I don’t remember any kangaroos, I definitely remembered meeting a Wombat for the very first time. But I remembered that the wombat was cute and cuddly. Here at Caversham, I wouldn’t describe their biggest Wombat star as cute and cuddly. In fact, I’m still trying to get to grips with what I think about BOB. But, we still posed for a pic anyways!
It’s our little family and a not so little Wombat named Bob!

The boys were really brave and tried to stroke every animal that could be stroked!  I was on freak out mode most of the time, as the keepers would give strict instructions about where they can touch the animals, and where they shouldn’t. I wasn’t as much worried about the boys as I was about the animals, but the boys surprised me. Most of the time, they were listening to instructions. When they weren’t, I just used my deathly grip to control their little hands!

It’s a possum of some sorts! And you can ONLY stroke it’s tail! Look how my hubs is holding on to a very very Exited little Upin!

The little petting zoos were great, cos the boys got to run around and basically be boys! And what trip would be complete, without a visit to Australia’s Koalas! Our boys really love animals, so they were absolutely tripping over themselves running to see Koalas. Although, you know, I’m not sure they had ever heard about a Koala before we were at Caversham.

Anyway, these little Koalas look really cute! If i hadn’t seen it move a little, i’d have thought it was just Koala dolls on display- they were like sooooo stoned!

Daddy with Upin, and a Koala that looks like she’s sulking! Maybe it’s an introverted little Koal! hahahah!

We spent half a day at Caversham. And the rains stayed away, enough for us to even let the kids have an hour at a playground on the Wildlife park grounds.

Spot the 3 kids and the uber cute little baby! Can you guess how many of the adults are back there too? Count the pairs of legs to find out!

3 happy kids and 1 happy uber cute little baby = 8 happy adults!

So it was a great Day 1. Although, it was partially ruined by a rain-soaked cold evening at Fremantle. The Fish and Chips couldn’t make up for the rain, wind and uncooperative little boys who fought over crayons all night long. I’m going to pretend the evening didn’t happen!

Instead, I’m going to remember the day ending with these 4 lil chickadees and their happy faces!

Stay tuned for the next installment of 10 days in Perth, with 8 adults, 3 kids and an uber cute lil baby. It’s a rainy day at the Aquarium, but all is better when the sun visits in Freo!

A sneak peek…