Hang tuah @ Home

Mak Kau…M Nasir is sooo hot as Hang Tuah!
The hubby was planning to rent The Mad Hatter’s costume for his D&D. But just 2 days before it, he told me he thought he’d rather buy himself a new shirt than pay $90 bucks to rent a costume.
So I said,”OK. If the theme is Once Upon a Time, why don’t you go as …Hang Tuah? You can wear your baju melayu, and I can make you a tanjak  (Malay headdress)”
I’ve made a tanjak before. Well i’ve made one, once, when I was the wardrobe manager for Causeway II, a play which was written by Alfian Saat and produced by Teater Ekamatra. I had made a tanjak out of blue sequinned material. It was awesome!

I told my hubby I’d do the same for him. I promised him I’d head to spotlight after work the next day and get some material and sew him the tanjak. But a work meeting went on way too long the night before and I ended up not being able to get the material.
Luckily for me, i had some spare material from another project I was working on that I could use!

I also ended up actually having to work on something that Saturday, so I had to get hubby to do most of the work. And he did such a great job with it too!

I loved the star motif so much that I convinced him to also put on my favourite blue star brooch that I had bought from Indianapolis!

The final product! =) 
I was real happy with it and of course, made him do some fake-O silat poses for our photo album! 
Hur! Hur!


I’ve had a busy few weeks. Mostly work taking up a lot of mental bandwidth that all I want to do is sleep or veg out in front of the tv before bed. Didn’t help that I’ve been feeling flu-ey for close to 2 months. I keep falling ill! When i start feeling better, I fall ill again. A horrid bug is being passed around in the workplace.
 So I haven’t had much energy to blog about life outside of work and this is kinda catch-up!

Hubby went deep-sea fishing over one Sunday. He does a good job of replenishing our fish supplies. The boys were tickled when he showed them all the fish he was busy cleaning in the bathroom. This big fish looks like our favourite Rainbow Fish book!

We signed up for a parenting seminar organised by the Child Development Network ( a Ministry of Family and Social Development initiative) a couple of weeks ago. We signed up for sessions on Music for Development and Story-telling. It turned out to be a wonderful Saturday morning for us both. Hubby and I have such different interests and early childhood development is one of the few things we both are passionate about! It was like being on date, as we giggled, played music games, etc. It was Sooo much fun!

I unpacked a bunch of toys that my mom-in-law had brought along for the boys. We’ve kept them for over a year as I didn’t think they were developmentally ready for toys like this. But they’re out now! It turns out these were the toys that my brother-in-laws had kept for themselves. I think my mom-in-law did some spring-cleaning and just brought it all over for the twins! Their loss is our gain! Hur hur!

The boys have discovered lollipops! Started when my dad used it as bait to get them into the barber shop chair! Since then they keep associating the barber with lollipops. Its such a treat for them cos they hardly get ANY sweets. In fact, when doctors or other people offer them sweets, they just look at the sweets in confusion. They don’t know what sweets are and I hope it stays this way!

My team at work got split on 01 November 2012. Some of my staff are now part of another team. It was a sad day for me, cos I love each one of them tremendously! Commemorated it with cards for each, those that are still in my team, and those who aren’t. I love these locally produced cards, with phrases like- Without you my life Tombalek, I want to have a Shiok time with you, For one heck of a Chio-Bu, Pao Kah Leow card, Tolong tolong please forgive me…Funny in front, but full of feelings inside… =(

More painting! Ihsan i think has the potential to be an Oscar Winning Make-up Artist. I think his head looks like a gash from the Walking Dead!

Irfan has started to loosen up with paints. Now he likes to paint himself too! Unlike his brother, his face paints have an ethereal quality. He looks like a flower fairy compared to his brother’s Zombie look!

Cookie cookie cookie! We spent one Sunday making cookies from scratch at home. The twins made them for their favourite Aunt- Mama Dada’s birthday!

Hubs dressed up as Hang Tuah for his Dinner and Dance. I made the tanjak (Royal head-fress for him). I love this pic, cos Ihsan and his seahorse just don’t fit into the rugged Malay warrior look.


And that’s all for now I suppose….see ya soon!

Time for Lime

Me: Hun? Did you plan anything (special) to celebrate (our anniversary) tonight?
Mr Eveel: Ya, of course.

about an hour later….

Mr Eveel: When you asked me if I had planned anything, were you expecting like a planned dinner somewhere romantic and stuff?
Me: Err…..
Mr Eveel: Cos I thought we could just go have a nice dinner, I didn’t make like arrangements in advance or anything……(voice clearly getting softer and more fearful)
Me: Well, did you have a restaurant or somewhere planned?
Mr Evee: Err…I plan to go to the lobby now and google ‘romantic restaurants ko lanta’


Well, his googling led us to Time for Lime at Klong Dao beach and it was AWESOME!

Wonderful setting for a person who’s fav colour is green!

It’s a restaurant, bar and cooking school all wrapped into one! And when we arrived, there was a cooking class going on. So not only did we have a great time munching on the lovely food, we also had free entertainment.

Cooking glass going on!

The thing about the place is that it serves fusion Thai food. And it serves a 6 course tasting menu only. There are no ala carte options. They’re also very sensitive to food allergies and preferences and can accomodate your needs. My gal pal imp would be pleased to learn that they also have vegetarian options!

Grilled prawns with basil and sweet chilly sauce! YumZ!

While most fusion Thai places or ang-moh type Thai food usually suck. The food here was really good! I really enjoyed the flavours they presented. I’m no food snob, but I know food I like and I enjoy, and this was really good Thai food.

And the Lemongrass Mojito was to die for! And I only had the virgin version. I bet the real version is..really to die for…lol…

A great thing about this place was also that ALL THE PROFIT goes to an animal welfare shelter on the island. Isn’t that just fabulous?

With the wonderful food, nice breezy decor, sounds of the waves lapping on the beach, delicious virgin mojito AND the great cause it is dedicated too….the evening was a wonderful celebration.

My hubby, Mr Eveel, once told my girfriend that he hates to plan, cos when he plans, it always inevitably never goes as plan. Who cares that he didn’t plan our celebration to a tee? It was a perfect evening and a perfect way to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary!


Twin Mommy Meltdown

I have a ton of post ideas…akin to an editorial plan…but the ‘plan’ will have to wait. This post is about the now.
I had a mommy meltdown. I’ll admit it. It’s not easy to do so- admit it that is. But I will. Cos I’ll be stupid and selfish to pretend that everything is ok.
I’ve been sleep-deprived since our trip to Krabi (sigh, many posts on that trip still to come..when i finally find the time). The boys had fallen ill and also started teething again, and their sleep schedule had become all messed up. They’ve also learnt how to scream. Like really scream! Like Jennifer Love Hewitt in the movie Scream, screamed. Err…no…that was the other chick…she (Jennifer) screamed in ‘I knew what you did last summer’. Well you get the point!
And a lot of this screaming happens in the middle of the night. And i’m new to this HDB etiquette thing. Am i allowed to let my child scream all night long, even if it wakes up the upstairs, downstairs and next door neighbours? Soundproofing in new HDB flats are almost non-existent and its got me all wound up like a big fat furball…. erk….
Anyhow, after many many night of multiple crying episodes which, frankly, my husband was handling, cos I had lost it…gone off the rail… I mean I’d just sit and stare at either twin who was screaming at the time, using all my energy not to do something I’d really regret, and then feeling guilty that I had such terrible thoughts running through my mind…I was feeling totally useless AND exhausted.
The cumulative lack of sleep resulted in a terrible migraine on Monday morning. Not quite able to face the world, or myself for that matter, I called in sick. Phone in hand, I just couldn’t help but check facebook (I am sooo addicted) and then stupidly clicked on the video which some friend shared below.
Guess what happened? I started bawling my head off…and didn’t stop crying for most of the day. Mixture of guilt about not being able to cope, feeling relieved that I wasn’t the only one who thought this was the hardest job in the world and fear that my child won’t be successful and in the olympics like these moms…but instead in therapy blaming their life problems on their mum …ME! (yar, i know that it’s so ‘divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood)

Major mommy meltdown moment!!

Thank god for Son who spent an hour on the phone, all the way from Sydney, telling me that all was going to be ok.

And thank heavens for the girlfriend who happily met me for coffee, at Food for Thought at Singapore Botanic Garden, later that afternoon. The chat helped me feel more centred and more confident that I wasn’t going to necessarily ruin my children’s lives.

Of course the slice of red-velvet cake didn’t hurt either. The sugar rush, was perhaps, the very thing I needed.

Mr Eveel was also so supportive, let me head out to spend the evening at a colleagues farewell, assuring me he’d have everything under control, and that I should just hang loose for the evening. And i sure did.

I’m feeling better. Still tired, not quite wonderful and perfect yet, but better….

One step at a time I guess…

Married 3 years already!

So, we’ve turned 3!

Actually, I feel like I’ve been married sooooo much longer. It must be the effect of raising twins. It’s like Mr Eveel and I have been to hell and back? What’s that about? Our twins are amazing and they bring us so much joy. That’s true. But when it’s been difficult and challenging, it has been MOST difficult and TERRIFYINGLY challenging!

I’m happy to report that I am happy. We are happy. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t believe in blisfully happy. And i realise in large part its because of my personality that is never ever ever satisfied. I can recall countless incidences where I relive an experience and dissect every moment to always always conclude that I should or could have done things differently and maybe it could have turned out better.

For example, I still wished that I had started my wedding dinner on time instead of waiting for guests who were late. And it still nags me that the kebaya I wore for my nikah or solemnisation wasn’t cut as well as I wanted it to be. Etc…see?

So all in all. The 3 years have been good. As good as I think I could ever, in my head, let it be.

My colleagues remind me everyday that I must be a nightmare to be married to.

Seriously. They actually say something along those lines in my face. Okay, maybe I do have a tendency to exaggerate some things. They don’t use the word nightmare. Maybe its more along the lines of -they can’t imagine being married to me. That isn’t much better is it? lol!

But it’s true lah. I am a nightmare to be married to.

Mostly cause I believe that at least with my spouse, above all people, that I’m able to voice out every frustration I feel, every anxiety. That I don’t have to edit or censor myself. That i can be truly that person I cannot be with anyone else BUT him.

And despite that, he still wants to be married to me. Awwwww……..

Anyhoo, we had a fabulous time in Koh Lanta, Krabi to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, and also to celebrate surviving 1 year of parenthood (it really hasn’t been easy lor!) I’ll post more about our trip soon.

US…staying us.

It has been exactly 16 weeks and 2 days since we became parents. It’s really easy to forget just who we were…no…ARE as a couple before the craziness of 3-hourly feeds, dirty nappies and crying babies.

Early this year, when planning for our anniversary celebrations we had planned to continue a newfound tradition of celebrating our anniversary with a staycation at our favourite hotel.  We were fools to think that we’d be able to leave the twins, who would then be 2 months old, and spend a romantic night together. When they babies came, I didn’t need to say a word, Mr Eveel picked up the phone and cancelled the reservation.

We did celebrate, choosing to dine at Lau Pa Sat where we ‘pak tor’-ed quite regularly while we were dating, and indulged in dessert and coffee at Oscars. But, we spent most of the time talking about the twins. We hardly talked about us. There was no hand-holding and gazing into each other’s eyes. No, no, no! Noone would have thought we were out celebrating our anniversary. But neither of us fell asleep at the table, and that was achievement enough!

Last night, Mr Eveel said something that really struck a chord with me. He said that he was enjoying our conversations and discussions for our new home. It was something he missed very much, and reminded him of us, sans twins.

It is timely that at 16 weeks, the twins have learnt to go to bed at 7pm and to stay asleep, after their 10.30pm feed, all the way till 7am. It has let us regain our sanity, and left a bit of time for Mr Eveel and I to reconnect allowing us a glimpse of the couple we used to be. I know things will get better, and everyday we get closer to that moment where we both turn back together and realise how much we have grown together.

Happy Belated 2nd Anniversary Honey!

I know this is 2 months late, but it’s been a hell of a 4 months hasn’t it? I’ve always wondered who I’d be able to go through hell and high water with, and I’m glad its been with you!

It’s ok, it’s alright!

It’s ok, It’s alright.
Man U Man U fight, fight, fight!
(This post does not indicate that Eveeleva’s loyalty to Liverpool has wavered. In fact, she was secretly happy that Barcelona won! But out of respect to Mr Eveel’s unwavering loyalty to Man U, Ipin has agreed to cheer on Man U and his daddy today. *grin*)

hubby’s new look

He was huddling over the macbook as usual one evening, when I realised that he was squinting at the screen. It all seemed to click. He’d been complaining of headaches, and with the squinting…perhaps…just perhaps…hubby needed glasses.

I dragged him to the optomotrist, and what did you know? He DID need glasses. And not only that, his astigmatism was worse than mine! And I’ve had my glasses now for over 5 years!

It took forever for vain hubby to pick a pair of glasses, and although he liked a pair that made him look quite nerdy, he picked one that suited him a little more! Bringing out the mat in him!


hubby’s new look

He was huddling over the macbook as usual one evening, when I realised that he was squinting at the screen. It all seemed to click. He’d been complaining of headaches, and with the squinting…perhaps…just perhaps…hubby needed glasses.

I dragged him to the optomotrist, and what did you know? He DID need glasses. And not only that, his astigmatism was worse than mine! And I’ve had my glasses now for over 5 years!

It took forever for vain hubby to pick a pair of glasses, and although he liked a pair that made him look quite nerdy, he picked one that suited him a little more! Bringing out the mat in him!


Happy New Year!

It was a Happy New Year!

For the first time in 5 years, hubby and I counted down at home. Last year we were at Home Club, the year before we were at Blue Jazz Cafe, the year before we watched the fireworks, the year before that we were at Zouk, and the first year we spent NYE together we went to Home Club.

This year we stayed home. I was way too tired to even think about venturing out of my bed to countdown to the New Year. And even though i gave him my full blessings to party away without me, I was absolutely delighted that he chose to stay with me at home.

Next year, babies or no- we’re headed out to party!

I also started the New Year feeling absolutely thrilled to catch up with someone whom I’ve missed terribly. The former boss invited us to his home to thank us for his grand farewell party, and also cos i think he missed us too!

He cooked up a storm- but nothing could compare to the wonderful fish-head curry he served us!