The apples won’t fall far from the tree!

Me as kiss at our D&D
If you look closely, you can already see the signs that the apples aren’t going to fall very far from the tree! =)
Irfan on the left, practising his rocker growl!
Malays have a similar saying…Kemana tumpah kuahnya kalau tidak ke nasi? which literally means, where will the gravy fall if not on the rice. (hur hur…i’m a brilliant translator, I tell ya!) 

Ihsan’s got the black lips down pat!

I can only imagine the mayhem they will get into when they are bigger. And really, I only have myself to blame! hehehe…..

Fashionista Hijabi Wannabe!

One thing I never expected I’d have so much fun with, when I decided to wear the hijab, was the ridiculous choice and array of hijabs I now had access too. And the different styles! Soooo fun!

I’ll admit that I have been checking out some tudung/hijab tutorials on YouTube. But I’m not VERY experimental with the way the hijab is worn, especially at work.

I always worry that people get distracted with the fashion-forward tudung tying styles rather than focus on me, what I’m thinking about and what I’m saying. I sit in some pretty high-level meeting with pretty important people in my field, and there’s this one big boss that looks at me very intensely when i speak, and I wonder if he’s ever thinking….“How DOES she tie that on her head?” Okay, so he does look intently at EVERYONE when they’re speaking, and usually with the same intense look as i think he’s ACTUALLY thinking about what you’re saying- but STILL I get paranoid!

So I love colours and prints, but the way i tie my hijab is quite standard.

Oh, i also have a crazy love for colours and prints. And for  good few months after I started wearing the hijab, I’d keep picking crazy colours and prints only to find that all wardrobe was mostly stocked with crazy colours and prints. So for awhile, I was a walking crazy flurry of bright colours and prints! Since I’ve realised that this can’t go on for long, I’ve been trying to buy less clothing with prints! But it’s sooo difficult to reign in this instinct for bright colours and prints that has developed over the years!

Oh…of course, the hijab only looks good for like 5 seconds after I leave my home. I’m notoriously a tom-boying kinda gal, who is like usually quite heck-care and not very tidy, so usually by lunch, i’m pretty much lucky it’s still in one piece on my head!


Anyway, since the pretty hijab only lasts like 5 min…I’ve started to take vain-pot pics of me in them before I leave home…heee…

See..which one you likey most?

strawberry is soooo me!

berry berry strawberry

The latest addition to my wardrobe, courtesy of my fabulous talented seamstress mother is this delightful strawberry printed skirt. Got the fabric when I was out shopping for my material for my hari raya baju this year.

It’s Japanese cotton by the way. And i thought the print was TOOO cute! So I just HAD to have it! Got my mother to sew me a skirt. And wanted a more vintage-y, mad-men-ish look. She kept saying, isn’t it too long? Isn’t it too flared?

No no no mum! I love it! I do!


time for a makeover- the FLYNN perhaps?

While I was pregnant, I thought I did a smart thing of cleaning out my wardrobe. I expected that I would put on quite a number of pounds, and would probably need considerable amount of time to shed the pregnancy pounds.

I had no delusional ideas that like hollywood stars or local celebrities like Wong Li Lin, who ran a marathon or was it a biathlon a few months after pregnancy, that i’d be hitting the gym as soon as I ended my confinement and returning to my size 6 figure (LOL..size 6, year right!).

True enough, the twins are keeping me from any outside activity, hence no gym time. Even taking brisk walks in the morning have been almost impossible, as they haven’t quite settled into a routine quite yet. However, I have lost all my pregnancy weight, and better still am lighter than pre-pregnancy.

OK lah…yes you’re right I HAD put on some weight even before I got pregnant, so I’m not super skinny but thinner lah…thin enough to fit into stuff which were too tight before I got pregnant.

So the wardrobe cleaning up has now worked against me. I now have nothing to wear because I’ve thrown away a lot of stuff I thought wouldn’t fit me. And I haven’t had time (read: lazy) to dig out the stuff that I did pack away.

PLUS I think I need a new look. A lot of my clothes were very bohemian-ish, lots of colour, variety etc. No no…the word is eclectic. It took me a lot of time to put outfits together because things didn’t easily match, because pieces of clothing seemed like they were from different genres. It was fun then, to dress executive one day, bohemian another, Minah another day and cutesy-cutesy another day. Now i don’t have the time nor the luxury to mix and match, and to follow my weird style moods.

I’m thinking of ditching colour and shopping in monochrome. Like blacks, whites, greys and yah, that’s it. And maybe just do plain t-shirts, and shirts. Basic pants, jeans and capris and that’s it. The aim would be, if I reached out into the wardrobe and blindly picked up a top and a bottom, it would match. I call this ‘THE FLYNN’, after a dear friend and colleague whose dress style is based on this philosophy.

But aiyar so boring right (although Flynn is not boring at all, I Love you Tau Kwa)? Especially when this season is all about bright blocks of colour. Groan…

What do you guys think?

Useful Xmas Pressie

One of my Xmas gifts came packed into this lil bag that I found so delightful.

While it was packed with fabulous goodies, it was this little bag that I found sooo useful.

I’m not sure if the bag itself was meant to be a present, or just something convenient to hold the pressies in…but it was my favourite of the goodies it came with.

I’ve been just been absolutely everywhere with it!

Although, when the babies come, it’ll be way too small for all the baby stuff i’ll have to lug around!