If you know my family well, you know that we get very excited about fish! To be honest, I never ever was excited about fish, but my hubby had a keen interest that infected my children. Especially Ihsan, who spends most of his time pouring over books about sea creatures. We’ve spent so many nights reading sea creature related books that I, myself, have learnt quite a fair bit about different types of fish, etc.

If you look very very closely, you can see a tiny lil Iran near Ihsan’s head.  Dunno what he was doing way back there!

So, obviously our first stop in Chicago, after Ikea, Target and Walmart (to set up home) was the Shedd Aquarium.

Ehsan’s ocean creatures book proved to be quite useful in the amazon section of the aquarium.

Ihsan was obviously very excited and even brought one of his books along. He was extremely excited to see the beluga whales that live at the Shedd. While I think our SEA aquarium at Sentosa is much grander, the Shedd has a great collection of aquatic life that you can’t find at the SEA Aquarium- there were several fish species from the Amazon that we had never seen.

We were very excited about the wolf fish and the spider-crabs there that we had never seen before. But the Belugas definitely stole the show!

They are much bigger than I thought they’d be!

The boys also enjoyed the kids play area. The submarine was definitely a hit. Ihsan already has plans to visit the submarine again, when we next visit.

Now, i just have to figure out when we can travel to Georgia, Atlanta to see the whale-shark. It’s an 11 hour drive from Evanston. I still haven’t decided whether we should fly or drive down to see the aquarium. Tough choices before us! =)

Us excited about the skyline. It was a gorgeous and sunny day!