Enterprise Social Networking and Organizational Culture (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome back to Prettyeveel’s adventure and my exploration of Enterprise Social Networking and Organizational Culture. This is my last series of posts on this topic, and i’ve split my vlog into 2 separate posts.

The first post explores the experience of a company, that shall not be named, with an ESN platform that they designed and purpose built for their organization. They have experienced mixed results. Find out exactly what they learnt from their experience.

The second post focuses on 4 tips on implementing ESN in your organization.

I hope you find these posts helpful. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing our journey of learning together. =)


Wanderer’s Blog about Mobile ESN: http://sites.northwestern.edu/mfox/author/mwf181/


Enterprise Social Networking and Organizational Culture (Part 2 of 3)

Check out my 2nd of 3 vlogs on Enterprise Social Networking and Organizational Culture. If you missed the part 1, you can watch it here.





Building Corporate Culture with Social Learning in 5 Moments of Need

The ice-cream story

I’ll be posting my second vlog on Enterprise Social Networking and Organizational culture next week. Meanwhile, I thought you’d enjoy a “cartoon-strip” about ESN. I was inspired by a fabulous post  on the blog – This Much We Know. It’s the ice-cream story.  Enjoy!


It was a Friday afternoon. Danny, Senior manager HR, went to the office pantry.
He realized that there was a lot of left-over ice-cream from a previous
office event.


Danny went back to his cubicle and quickly opened up ToyBook-
the company’s Enterprise Social Networking Platform.




And all the way in accounting….
In another building…
in a distant part of the toy kingdom…


Soon, it was 2pm

Slide07 Slide08

Other toys saw that Leonardo was having a great time.



They didn’t think he deserved all that ice-cream to himself so they decided to stop by at the pantry too.

Many toys from different parts of the company turned up and they had a great time enjoying the ice-cream.


Danny was very excited when he saw his colleagues post about the fabulous time that they had together !Slide14


So THIS…is the promise of ESN. Connection and the promise of collaboration regardless of distance and time. But does it actually pan out this way for organizations that have adopted ESN? Look forward to my next post! I’ll be sharing exploring examples from Tesla, Red Robin and an organization that shall not be named!

Stay tuned and have a fab weekend!


Many thanks to the blog This Much We Know for inspiring this. Do check out that blog for some great insights into personal branding, the social enterprise, the future of work, the power of curiosity and other things.


My boys for sharing their toys with me. This would not have been possible without their generosity.

Twins Turn 5

My lil bubs who really aren’t lil bubs any longer turned 5 last week.


It was a hard week for me. It was a jumble of crazy emotions. I was excited about celebrating their 5th birthday and decided to throw them a little birthday party. I didn’t want them to feel like their birthday was different because we are so far away from home. Hubs and i decided to invite 4 families who we have grown close to here. And just have a get together at our place.

We decided to keep things simple. We didn’t even do a cake at their school or get goodie bags for their classmates. I’d love to say that it was because I didn’t want to forever raise my kids’ expectations on their birthday, but it really was because I had no bandwidth. I’m midway through the quarter and my workload is just crazy. So I really had to keep things simple. Especially when I didn’t have my mom and my sis-in-law around. Mom usually cooked for their birthday parties and my sis-in-law would help me with all the planning. I was also just missing my family period. And feeling generally overwhelmed!


The menu went from mee siam to roti jala because I needed to keep things simple plus i couldn’t find tauchu anywhere. My plans to make epok-epok got scrapped because thinking about peeling and cutting potatoes made me a little crazy. And as the weekend approached, I decided to not make little shepherd pie cupcakes for the kids. We ordered pizza instead.  Grand plans to make banners and decorate the apartment in a dinosaur+pizza theme was scrapped too. All I managed to do was this little birthday wall for my kids. And I only managed to get it done because I skipped a few readings for the week. All in all, I was a pretty big disappointment. To myself.


Seriously, everything went well. There was enough food. And hubs got the cake and pizzas sorted. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids had fun. Of course, Irfan ended up crying after everyone sang him Happy Birthday, but I guess it wouldn’t be complete if there was not a bit of drama. 



And courtesy of Fern and Stanley, we even managed to enjoy a yusheng and celebrate Lunar New Year. It was a birthday party cum reunion dinner (with roti jala instead of steamboat!)


To my darling boys, Ihsan and Irfan, Happy 5th birthday sweeties. I want you to know that Mama loves you more than life itself!