Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) and Organizational Culture (Part 1 of 3)

10 thoughts on “Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) and Organizational Culture (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. Very engaging and informative, Iva. I love how you posed the question to your Facebook network and then weaved their responses into your vlog. You set the bar high!

  2. I love this.

    Let’s see if we can utilize our network to find the good case examples (bright spots) of how ESN and organizational culture come together it a productive, positive, authentic way.

    The trick is getting beyond the vendor or company hype (companies wanting to share ESN successes, but really more for just pure branding purposes – “hey, look how cool we are”).

    Will see if I can start up some activity to find some good authentic case examples.

  3. Iva, I love this. Really interesting, and well done! My favorite part was your use of hand-drawn signs to break up the visual and keep us engaged. Your personal story about ‘policing’ was fascinating. Can’t wait for the second installmlent!

    1. Thanks Mark! I think you look and sound very scholarly in your reply. I bet you’d create a great following if u started a vlog! Btw, love your tweets. =)

  4. Great vlog, Iva. Very creative. Loved the use of handwritten signs. As Jeff noted, using your network to find positive examples which are not hype or marketing will be important. I do believe these examples are out there. of course, it depends on how you define success, and I am curious how you will be defining success.

    You may want to check out what Alexa is digging into with ESNs driving organizational performance or even behavior. And also what Scott and Jin are researching with how the company culture impacts engagement with ESNs.

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