Winter break–> Almost over *Screams*

Oh my…winter break is almost over and I’ve done very little that I had set out to do. I had grand plans to revisit readings, consolidate the learning that I had experienced during the last quarter and to blog more. But all this lazy ass has done is bingewatched shows on Netflix.

Oh wait, I did read Purity by Jonathan Franzen and went on a road-trip so all was not lost…i guess. It’s a really good book, btw. I saw it at the Evanston library and picked it up, only because I read on NYT that President Obama is reading it. Yes…I read it because the president is reading it. I trusted that he had good taste in books. It was good. A little twisted. That is, almost all the relationships of the characters in the book are all twisted and dysfunctional.

Anyway. It’s almost the end of the break and I’ve learnt something about myself. I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. A person of extremes. I’m either working very very hard or i’m totally slacking off. There is no in between or at least it feels as if there is no in between. I’m either very stressed or totally chill.

I bet i’m in need of some mindfulness. yes… well…sighs…

Till later…

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