Perth in 10 days with 8 adults, 3 kids and 1 uber cute little baby- Farmstays!

This wil be the 2nd last installment of this series (and quite a short one too). 
It’s taken much longer than I had initially planned for. But what I’m absolutely enjoying about this process, is how I’ve been able to savour and relish every moment of the holiday, again and again, as I revisit memories and photos for these blog posts.
Tonight I’m recalling my favourite bits of our trip. The farms and a cottage stay in a beautiful little cottage in between Manjimup and Pemberton- Diamond Forest Cottages
Before we headed to Diamond Forest Cottages, we had visited a little farm called Wonky Windmill Farm and Eco Park. The boys absolutely enjoyed feeding the animals at the farm. While my folks enjoyed some time picking oranges at the fruit orchard.
Llamas, donkeys, sheep, goats, kangaroos, chicken, lamb, you name em!
It was also enough running about in the outdoors to later knock the boys out in the car while we drove about 2 hours down towards Manjimup and Pemberton, where we went from driving past vineyards to roller-coaster steep roads deep in the woods.
With no cell-connection, so far in the countryside, and no maps. We trusted each other’s instincts and drove on google-map less!

The drive was absolutely worth it because we found ourselves at a wonderful quiet and beautiful retreat- Diamond Forest Cottages. Run by a charming couple, the property offers 4 cottages (that can house up to 4 adults each). The grounds were splendid and such a beautiful change compared to my own little life boxed up in a 4 room HDB flat, with a view of nothing but other HDB units.

The plan was just to chill and enjoy the property for the next 2 days. And we sure did…..Boy I miss the place!

Enjoy the pics!

My folks, brother and niece enjoying the afternoon.
One of the highlights of staying here was the animal feeding sessions every morning. You basically tagged along and fed all the animals in the morning. You’d have these friendly little doggie guides to walk along with you, often begging us to play catch with a chewed up tennis balls.
Ipin getting to know a really wet little baby lamb! Yes, he smelled much like lamb too after this walk!

I was amazed by just how brave my little ones were! 
The beautiful and friendly horsey, always came when we called and allowed us to stroke him as much as we wanted!
Baaaaaaaaa! And an Alpaca! Can you see? Or is it a Llama?

Soooo much space to RUN and muck about! 

My favourite Shetland Pony. I called him Noel, cos he reminded me of a friend!

The folks, the kids, the cottage and a really big chicken! You can see Mik looking very scared of it!

They were just sooooo happy!

You know you’re a city gal, when u see cows and want to take a selfie with them