Perth in 10 days with 8 adults, 3 kids and 1 uber cute little baby- Our Road Trip!

Way too many things happening…too little time to Blog. I was reminded today by the hubs, that it’s exactly been a month since our trip to Perth. So, I guess, it’s a perfect time to reminisce about our lovely road-trip…

Our Road Trip Itinerary.

After 4 days in Perth, we headed down South…all the way down to Albany before shooting back up to Perth.

We started down South and stopped at Mandurah, which is a surreal little town, with houses and their very own Marina. We had great sun for a bit, and then it rained the rest of the day. Our stop at Bunbury had to be cancelled because of the heavy rain. Instead, we stocked up on snacks and drove on till our stop at Busselton. Checked in, had fish and chips, settled in and had an early night!

Oooh….the twins did end up jumping up and down on our bed after dinner and vomited ALL over our bed. Aussie service staff are amazing when it comes to these things. They were so nice about it. In Singapore, if one of my boys vomit, there’s usually a very silent but noticeable,  ‘SIIIGGGHHHH’ or ‘EEEERRRKKK’ followed by some evil looks thrown our way. So I was so pleasantly surprised. It was the same on another occasion when Ipin threw up at a supermarket. People around were so nice, called for the staff to clean up, and they were so nice about it. I felt soooooo loved!



The next morning, there was a little bit of rain and then gorgeous sunshine. While the rest of the family lumbered out of bed, I braved my little heart, and took the three handsome little boys out to the beach. Direct access to the beach, was after all why I chose to stay at the Bayview Geographe Resort.

I think my mum was quite worried that I’d end up losing at least one. What with, my little Ipin, loving to just run off into the wilderness not worrying that he’d lose us forever!

I did tell them though, that they had to stick near me, because the SHARKS were out there and at anytime one, would jump out of the sea and bite their legs off. Yes…I am that sort of mother. I will resort to lies and threats if need be.

They were surprisingly well-behaved.
Maybe it was because they were just adjusting to the cold cold winds!
It was a beautiful beach and a lovely morning!

We did not at any one time take the good weather for granted.
Just in the horizon, rain clouds loomed sending us warning of the coming showers! 

I rushed the boys back after we mucked around for a bit. We needed to get the whole house out an about before the rain stopped us from enjoying the Busselton Geographe area.
The highlight of the area was definitely Busselton Jetty. It’s the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, going out as far as 2km out into the sea. It had recently been reopened after a fire had destroyed parts of the jetty.
The boys loved taking the little tram-train on the jetty. We were all glad we decided to take the little train, as it started to rain and the wind made it very very cold. 
Upin refusing to pose for the camera. He turned away on purpose!
Our lil family, all bundled up nice and warm!
It was a beautiful day, despite the intermittent rain!


After frolicking by the Jetty, we drove South towards Dunsborough to check out the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. The drive was so beautiful as it was a meandering road along fields lush full of wild-flowers.

When we got there, we bought tickets, listened intently to instructions on how to get to the light-house. And proceeded to get lost.

We ended up instead walking on one of the hiking trails which led to a whale-watching spot.
The walk was lovely, although futile- as we realised we were walking further and further away from the lighthouse. But the wonderful thing was that the boys fell asleep as we walked!

Hubs checking out the view as we walked the WRONG way to the lighthouse.

We finally found our way to the lighthouse.

Ipin was still asleep, so only 2 handsome guys here. It’s funny. They look cold!

My brother and our uber culte lil baby- just chilling. What we enjoyed doing most while we were in Perth!

It was a really successful day. Besides the lighthouse, we managed to head to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory for some indulgence. Best part about it was that my boys were asleep. So we left them snoozing in the car with my father, while hubs and I went in bought chocs and enjoyed some hot chocolate…without the boys!

I mean, I do love my boys….but it’s nice when they’re quietly asleep too! Okay, it’s more than nice, it’s FABULOUS when they’re fast asleep! hehehe…

Oh my, I really am missing Perth….Stay tune for the next installment. It’s when the kids go wild at Willy Wonky’s Windmill Farm!

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