Perth in 10 day with 8 adults, 3 kids and 1 uber cute lil’ baby- sleepy Roos and stoned Koalas!

I don’t ever count Day 1 of a trip, Day 1. It’s Day 0. Only because it sometimes takes the entire day to settle into the accommodation and settle rental cars, etc. You hardly get to see or do anything on the first day, hence I count it as Day 0.
And Day 0, was true to its form, a day of nothing but settling admin stuff. First, the car rental company took quite a long while. The cars were there, but the babyseats were not. And we NEEDED babyseats!
Then, we had some trouble checking into The Castle at Canningvale, a 4-storey house suitable for 8 adults, 3 kids and an uber cute little baby. The key that was left for us, was faulty and the landlady was 3 hours away! Luckily for us, mum’s cousin was just a 10 min drive away, so we headed there for our late lunch and waited for the landlady to sort the key situation out.
We then learnt that it had been raining in Perth- cats and dogs. Apparently, there had been little/no rain all Winter, and the rain had come this early Spring. Shucks! We checked out the weather forecast which basically said, Rain, Rain, Sun, Rain, Rain, Rain, Some Rain, Some Sun….you get the picture. Groan!
So, we decided to keep our fingers crossed.
Our general plan for the trip was: 3 days in and about Perth, 6 days around the Southern part of Western Australia and 1 final day in Perth before flying back.
And TOP on the agenda was Caversham Wildlife Park and Kangaroos! 
We woke up to……RAIN! Just as the weather forecast had predicted. But that didn’t stop us, we packed ourselves into the cars and drove 40mins North from where we were, to head to Kangaroo land!
And…blessed were we that when we arrived, we were greeted with sunshine! Even the Kangaroos were lazing about enjoying the sun!

I thought the boys would be scared. But boy, was I wrong! They basically pounced on the kangaroos.

My nephew Mik showing off the little pellets we fed the Kangaroos.
I had to run after the twins who tried to feed both kangaroos awake and kangaroos asleep!
Obviously, Caversham Wildlife Park had much more to offer than just Kangaroos. But the Kangaroos, were by far, the most popular animals at the park. I was thrilled my kids loved it, and it was nice to be able to get so up close and personal with the Roos. 
But, I’m not sure if it was because we were there in the morning, or because the sun was up, that the Kangaroos just looked really sleepy and lethargic. I guess, if you’re being poked awake by 2-yr old  boys, and then have food shoved up your face everyday, you’d get pretty lazy! 
The Little Birdies, Lizards, Snakes and Possums at the Wombat and Friends show were awesome!
My family and I visited Perth when I was in Primary school, and while I don’t remember any kangaroos, I definitely remembered meeting a Wombat for the very first time. But I remembered that the wombat was cute and cuddly. Here at Caversham, I wouldn’t describe their biggest Wombat star as cute and cuddly. In fact, I’m still trying to get to grips with what I think about BOB. But, we still posed for a pic anyways!
It’s our little family and a not so little Wombat named Bob!

The boys were really brave and tried to stroke every animal that could be stroked!  I was on freak out mode most of the time, as the keepers would give strict instructions about where they can touch the animals, and where they shouldn’t. I wasn’t as much worried about the boys as I was about the animals, but the boys surprised me. Most of the time, they were listening to instructions. When they weren’t, I just used my deathly grip to control their little hands!

It’s a possum of some sorts! And you can ONLY stroke it’s tail! Look how my hubs is holding on to a very very Exited little Upin!

The little petting zoos were great, cos the boys got to run around and basically be boys! And what trip would be complete, without a visit to Australia’s Koalas! Our boys really love animals, so they were absolutely tripping over themselves running to see Koalas. Although, you know, I’m not sure they had ever heard about a Koala before we were at Caversham.

Anyway, these little Koalas look really cute! If i hadn’t seen it move a little, i’d have thought it was just Koala dolls on display- they were like sooooo stoned!

Daddy with Upin, and a Koala that looks like she’s sulking! Maybe it’s an introverted little Koal! hahahah!

We spent half a day at Caversham. And the rains stayed away, enough for us to even let the kids have an hour at a playground on the Wildlife park grounds.

Spot the 3 kids and the uber cute little baby! Can you guess how many of the adults are back there too? Count the pairs of legs to find out!

3 happy kids and 1 happy uber cute little baby = 8 happy adults!

So it was a great Day 1. Although, it was partially ruined by a rain-soaked cold evening at Fremantle. The Fish and Chips couldn’t make up for the rain, wind and uncooperative little boys who fought over crayons all night long. I’m going to pretend the evening didn’t happen!

Instead, I’m going to remember the day ending with these 4 lil chickadees and their happy faces!

Stay tuned for the next installment of 10 days in Perth, with 8 adults, 3 kids and an uber cute lil baby. It’s a rainy day at the Aquarium, but all is better when the sun visits in Freo!

A sneak peek…

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