A piece of home-made art

There’s a little space between our front door and our living room where my hubby’s electronic piano sits and the beautifully painted blue wall was just to bare for me to bear.

So faced with the fact that we hadn’t any budget to spend on art, I realised that I had to get creative.

One of my favourite things to do is to peruse crafting blogs which feature interesting interior decorating ideas. And one piece I saw inspired me to create a personal piece, which we’ve really come to enjoy.

Hey! Like real art!

Inspired by this project I found on www.shelterness.com I headed to Ikea to find a suitable frame- not very expensive. Rummaged through the bomb shelter/store room for nails and bits of twine. Found inexpensive wooden pegs at Daiso and fabric on sale at Spotlight.  I also needed to stop by at my favourite photo shop to get my favourite prints, and with my hubby’s hammer, I put together this beautiful display.

Isn’t it truly awesome?

I teared the moment this went up on the wall. It was all the happiest moments in the last few years of my life!

The best thing is, we get to update the pics as and when we want, and so everytime you visit, you may just get to see something different and something new.

The boys love this board. They’re always pointing at it, and calling out to the pictures of themselves, or their aunts, uncles and grandparents. It’s quite an interactive board and it tells our story.


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