Introducing the Eveel Lair

I think I’m finally ready to share the Eveel Lair with you folks…

We’ve moved into this home for close to half a year now, and I’ve finally gotten most of my decorating done.

With work and the twins, it’s been close to impossible to get things in place any faster. It has been a fair bit of work because the look that we were gunning for was something that didn’t look like an interior decorator put everything together. I wanted it to have a distinct sense of US!

This meant keeping the renovation simple. A simple canvas that we could leave our indelible marks on.

And boy of boy, trying to express individuality in a small 4 room HDB flat is no easy feat! To ensure that our living units are as small as possible without it being an unconducive living space, HDB planners have pretty much mapped out the way homes are built these days so that you have so little space and freedom to be really different.

So working around the constraints, mostly space, Mr Eveel and I have been engaged in a trial and error process of getting to where we are now. Some of our furniture have moved more than once over the last few months. And we’ve even had to switch the function of some spaces because reality trumped planning on paper.

Our inspiration

Our design inspiration is this set of lamps we bought when we were in Turkey 2 years ago. It was a trip that took place post-unsuccesful first pregnancy. It was a special trip because it was a healing trip. I think we both grieved the loss of our first pregnancy in separate and different ways and it was during the trip that it finally felt that our individual journeys of coming to terms with that loss had finally come to an end. And finally, we were together, in step, beginning a new journey, one filled with hope, together.

The lamps serve as an everyday reminder of the special place and that precious moment in our lives.

It was perfectly us. Because there’s nothing more (other than our twins) that we love more than COLOUR. It so made sense that our colour palette would be inspired by the beautiful gem like colours of the lamp. Bright Yellow, Shades of Blue, Red and Orange.

And what better colour to feature in our kitchen than the bright, sunny, happy colour YELLLOW.

Welcome to my kitchen!

I hope I’ve peaked your interest! I don’t expect everyone to love it, but I love it! And i’m so excited to share my excitement with you!

Stay tuned!

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