Wild Fig & Vanilla Conserve

I was in a rush to get to work today. But i remembered the lovely gifts of Jam the girlfriend from Perth brought along during her last visit with me. Managed to butter up some toast and slather on some of this Wild Fig & Vanilla Conserve on my piece of whole-wheat. Took a bite and when straight to Jam heaven!


And i LOVE FIG jam even better. And this is the BEST fig jam I’ve ever tasted. The vanilla works so smoothly with the fig. It doesn’t over power it, but leaves a lingering…not even taste…a sensation, maybe from the smell of the vanilla…that made me go….WHOAH……

A Western Australian family-owned company, Ogilvie & Co, with the best tagline “Life is too short for anything but the best”. I’m truly won over, the next time someone’s headed to Perth, PUH-LEASE bring me back more of this jam!

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