Feeding the Twins

Someone recently asked me what I’ve been feeding the twins since they started on solids. The questions was one which arose out of curiousity more than an enquiry on why my twins look so…solid! *lol* They aren’t much bigger than the average 7+ month old baby really.

When I came to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed my children successfully, I decided that I would do my best to ensure that they get the best, most nutritious food that my purse-strings would allow. I’m delighted to report that I have from the get-go tried to do this and continue to try and feed my children well.

I’ve been following the Super Baby Food Diet book which my sis-in-law kinda recommended. She was reading it but didn’t make an outright recommendation. I got a copy for myself and have been following this diet quite zealously.

I don’t know if this is the best book about baby foods, but I found it simple. I like that she tells you when is the best time to introduce what sorts of foods, e.g. Sweet Potatoes and Avocados at 6 months, Carrots, Peas, etc at 8 months. For a new mommie like me, information like this really helps. I don’t second guess my choices on how to feed them and what’s the best ways to cook their food.

So I steam and puree different types of foods for the twins which I store in the freezer. I do this about once a week. Right now we’re still in the midst of introducing new foods, but they eat a staple of a daily porridge made out of brown rice, oatmeal, barley with a sprinkle of ground flax-seed.

This porridge is mixed with usually a fruit for the mornings, and sometimes served with yoghurt. And a vegetable for supper. We’re going to work towards introducing more legumes for their base porridge, and more veges so that they end up eating a mix of veges during the day.

They are such great eaters the two of them, and would even wallop sour prune puree which even my mom can’t swallow. LOL!

I actually enjoy prepping their food for them, the peeling, cutting, steaming, pureeing, labelling are all very therapeutic activities. It also makes me feel wonderful that they’re eating good wholesome foods.

So far, they’ve started eating: Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, Yoghurt, Peaches, Prunes, Pears, Bananas, Avocados, Peas, Carrots, Asparagus, Sweet Potatoes and Tofu.

We still have a long list of foods to introduce and I aim to try and introduce as much as possible. I want my babies to have a varied palate for different cuisines, even from a young age!

The Babat’s Pool Party

A Very Important Thank You Speech

The Babat‘s Pool Party was only made possible because of you Seetee who gifted your son’s big beautiful rubber blow up pool to the twins.

Thanks must also go to my sister Ais and helper who used 2 pathetic bicycle pumps to blow up the pool, although I must take some credit as I did blow up part of the pool with nothing but my strong set of lungs. Let it be known, that if there’s one thing I am good at it is the art of blowing  (the pool full of air).

Without these people, the twins and cousin Mik would never have quite experienced the joy of swimming in their grandparents own front yard.

I would also never have learnt that my nephew Mik quenches his thirst during water play by simply drinking water from the pool. Very efficient young lad, but perhaps not quite the solution to your thirst.

Mik trying to drink from the gayong

On that note, I thank the people above again for helping contribute to my nephew drinking water from a small pool in our front yard, rather than from a public pool which would be filled with millions of germs from eecky sweaty Singaporeans who probably also pee in the pool.

I also thank my brother and sis (on 2 separate occasions) for climbing into the pool with me so that both twins could have a dip (as daddy was at work, daddy- we have to plan these party’s for when you are home).

And finally, on behalf of my brother as well, I would like to thank all the people above who had made it possible for my brother and I to enjoy afternoons of water play without having to share the sight of our glorious babats (means tripe in the english language, but commonly used in the Malay language to refer to…yess…FATS) with the general public!

A sneak peek @eveeleva’s renovations!

Our renovation has been progressing pretty well. In fact it’s almost over. The handover from the ID happens tomorrow. I’ve not been blogging because I’ve been so caught up with coping with the new workplace and taking care of every little detail about the twins that I haven’t had much energy to take care of the flat’s renovation.

After being quite peeved with Mr Eveel for not paying attention to the renovation and expecting me to take care of everything, I finally sat him down and started one of my legendary rants about how I’m not a superwoman, I’m not the kind of gal that you can let down and think that everything’s ok…no no…that’s Karyn White. But it surely was my themesong for the week. Well you get the drift. So he’s been taking care of everything. Including buying and choosing toilet accessories, etc. I really don’t care about these things! Yes- people stare at me in amazement when I tell them our tile picking experience took all of five minutes. We went…No, No, No, Erm…Yes!
We are extremely happy with our choice for a renovation company- Kenneth and Derrick from Ideal House have been absolutely superb! Here’s a sneak peek at our first pad for four!

More details to come…

I want TOMS

I have never wanted a pair of shoes more than I want this pair of TOMS!

I discovered TOMS on the news. E! News mind you. Not the ‘rubbish’ they show on Channel 5 or BBC or CNN. *guffaw*
Anyway, for every 1 shoe you buy, they provide a poor shoeless child in an undeveloped company with a pair of shoes. Isn’t that great? Why didn’t I think of it myself?
Anyway, these shoes look really really comfy. More my vibe than lusting over pair of louboutins! Hah! I was never a high heels kinda gal, and now with twins in tow, it’s usually birkies or nothing!.

I think, once I get a chance. I am going to get myself a pair. Maybe some Tiny TOMS for the babies too!

This one looks really nice for the twins!
What do ya think?

Our first Eid celebrations

This was our first Eid celebrations as a family.

I’ve never really enjoyed the holiday. I love the fasting month bit but I don’t care very much for the hari raya celebrations itself. I don’t understand why we must go visiting, especially the kind of visiting when you visit Ms X at her house today, and then the very next day she comes and visits our house. Because you HAVE to visit the house. Nevermind that we’ve already spent time reconnecting. I don’t quite get it.

But i do go along, because. I am a non-conformist and not a rebel. Ok I’m a non-conformist… sometimes.

Argh! I just don’t see the point in arguing with the family members who do cherish and value this visit, revisit part of eid celebrations. And I don’t wish to be the black sheep of the family. So i go when I’m in the mood.

Well. This year Eid was not just tiring, it was bloody stressful I tell you. On Day 1, we have 6 houses to visit beginning from 10.30am in the morning. Coordinating naps, solids feeding, milk feeds, nappy changes, etc almost killed me. Yes- i do take these things seriously, and a lot of thought goes into the planning for the day. And you know me, I stress out about absolutely EVERY freaking thing!

But we survived! And the boys behaved themselves for the day, and of course were absolutely over-tired, high-strung and wonky by the end of the night. We couldn’t get back in time for their 6.45pm bedtime, so by 8pm they were bouncing off the walls.

No sleep for me that night, and then they both fell ill.

Luckily, visiting with babies this year means we get the eid ‘hongbaos’. They came in handy for the pediatrician bill that came up to a ringing $212 for the both of them!!

Another 11 months to the next one…. aiyar…did i mention, it’s a 1 month celebration! 3 more weeks to go….sigh…