we luv our twin stroller…

We can’t live without our wonderful twin stroller from bumbleride that hubby had shipped in from the USA. It was a gift from the twin’s uncles and grandaunt, and what a fabulous gift it is.

The twins happily riding in their stroller

Beyond being a stroller from mall to park, in fact I think it could do very well in rough terrain, it has been a great vehicle for the all important NAPS that our twins need. They get soooooo cranky without their naps, and when they nap, it leaves Mr Eveel and my arms free to eat, and have coffee etc.

Look carefully to see their bums and a pillow. The twins having a happy nap!

Yes, they nap on their tummies, so we just lay some swaddle cloth over the seat, tap them to sleep, flip them over and they nap away. We’ve realised that we don’t even need to stay stationary when they nap like this. We can shop and push the stroller around while they continue napping!

Napping away while Mr Eveel pushes them around!

Absolutely amazing!

The only problem we have is finding restaurants and cafes which are spacious enough for us to roll our stroller right in. Currently, we’re stuck with the cafe on Level 5 or the coffee clube at Paragon as well as Starbucks at Marina Square.

Please share if you know of good TWIN stroller friendly places. It would do our social life real good!