Our home: Eclectic is Ca-pa-lang?

Busy busy busy with the boys and with looking for IDs and contractors who can do up our home just the way we want it and just within our budget!

We already have a clear picture of what we’d like our home to look like in colour. Yeah, hubby and I spend more time thinking about what colours our walls are going to be rather than what is the best layout…what sort of lighting we want….how to arrange the kitchen in the best possible way and other boring stuff like that. Thankfully we have very good advisors in this areas, who’ve had very good ideas that will help us save space, make our spaces look bigger etc.

But now colours…that Mr Eveel and I understand. Our colour palette will be inspired by a traditional Turkish hanging lamp set of 6 which we purchased during our trip last year. This will be hung over our antique marble table in the dining and will be the focal point of our home!

We unpacked 1 lamp out of the set of 6, and placed it under the light so that we could share our
design inspiration with the IDs we met.

My brother said, “Huh? Antique marble table and hanging traditional turkish lamps? Wouldn’t they clash?”

I replied,” My style is eclectic what?”

He retorted,” You mean ca-pa-lang lah? Same lah!”


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