The one thing that is wonderful about my difficult pregnancy, aside from the 2 lil angels that were yanked out from my belly by Dr Tham, was the weightloss.

I started out at X kgs (okay I is still shy about my weight, cos those of you who know me, know that I am no kate moss!)

So Xkgs pre-pregnancy.

When I last weighed myself before I popped at 8 months,  I was X+ 8.88 kg. (The nurses were so excited that they wanted to buy a 4D number!)

5 days after i delivered, I was X-1kg!

Can you believe? I was so excited that I had lost all my pregnancy weight and even dropped a kilo.

10 days after I delivered, I was X-3.5kg.

And now, almost a month after, I am at X-4.5kg.

I could have lost more I’m sure, but I haven’t been able to keep my grubby hands off the chocolates, pineapple tarts and kek lapis in the fridge. Tsk right?

This morning, I pulled out my favourite pair of GAP jeans that were just a little too snug a few months before I was preggo, and it pulled up easily, with a little room to spare! yaay! And believe me, my tummy hasn’t gone down just yet. So i hope i still have a few more kilos to go!


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