stretchmarks forever!

When i went to my Obgyn to get my stitches removed, Dr Tham overheard me complain to the nurse about how bad my stretchmarks were.

He then said quite plainly, “They’re not going to go away. Overstretched skin like yours won’t heal like other women’s. You’d have to go for laser treatment to remove the stretchmarks.”

I responded with a “WHAT?”

So yeah, apparently carrying the twins caused my skin to overstretch and unlike other mommies who carry 1 baby, my stretchmarks are forever.

If i do decide to do the laser treatment thingee, which my doc said will cost about $7K at this point in time, then i’ll have to make sure I do it, only after I’ve decided to sew my womb up, close shop and decide firmly not to contribute to our country’s birthrate anymore.

Ah well….I have many more things to stress about aside from the stretchmarks, doesn’t really bother me now that I have to live with them for much longer. It’s like a proud war wound I can look at to remind me of the ‘battle’ I went through.

Sigh…only regret is that I won’t be able to prance around in a 2 piece. =(

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