Breast vs Cup vs Bottle

I know. Breast is best!

So when it was clear that my milk supply was slow in arrival and definitely insufficient for the 2 demanding babies, I had no choice but to give in to formula. But i made it very clear to the hospital, cup feeding only, please! I had heard enough about nipple confusion from breastfeeding nazis to know that it was cupfeeding and NO bottle!

That worked all well and good while the nurses were cupfeeding Upin and Ipin. And even though I was given lessons in cupfeeding, I later realised that it is an art that takes time, practice, patience and above all alertness. Cupfeeding is almost impossible when you’re continuously feeding 2 babies in a sleep deprived mode. I found that I was pouring more milk down my twin’s shirts than into their cute lil mouths!

Cupfeeding lil Upin at a decent hour was manageable most of the time.

Regardless of the challenges, i was determined to continue, even if it meant snapping at my hubby at wee hours of the morning, being short with the twins when they weren’t ‘cooperating’ and feeling increasingly exasperated at my inability to satisfy the appetites of my lil babies.

But when a follow up trip to the pediatrician revealed that the twins were losing weight rather than gaining weight, I had to listen to my husband who softly said, ‘We have to think about what is best for the boys, not what is ideal for ourselves’. I also had to listen to the pediatrician AND my obgyn who hinted that if cupfeeding wasn’t working, I should think about the bottle.

I caved the next day, when I split a whole cupfull of milk all over lil Ipin’s front. I took the bottle out, filled it with formula and gave it to him.

lil Ipin being bottle fed my grandma

I felt guilty for awhile. And fearful that they’ll reject my boobie after enjoying the fast flowing milk supply from a bottle. But thankfully, they still want my boobie. Yaay! And now, feeding times are much quicker, I am less stressed out at night and enjoying the mommy experience so much more.

So there.

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