my twin pregnancy journal- you don’t understand!

33 weeks

Despite not putting on much weight, I am HUGE!

Besides the usual backaches that people associate with pregnancy, I suffer from a lot of discomfort such as, pain and aches in the lower part of my belly, probably because of the weight of the babies. My pelvic area hurts too, and my upper thigh muscles quickly tense up and get stiff after a short while of sitting down stationary. So everytime i get up from sitting down, I struggle a little to walk, and often look like I’m shuffling or waddling as the muscles get moving.

The other night, mum saw me get up from the couch to go to the toilet and she remarked, “Eveel, can’t you walk a little nicer. You look awful shuffling around like that”

Her remark just blew my top off!

I retorted ,” Excuse me, mother. I am carrying 4.4 kilos worth of babies right now at 33 weeks. How heavy was your heaviest baby at full term? Tell me, how heavy?”

She laughed and replied ,” Oh, bout 3kilos”

I then went on a long diatribe about how she and ANY other mother who has never carried twins before has NO idea what I and other twin mothers are going through, and therefore should do what is right- which is to keep their mouths SHUT!

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