my twin pregnancy journal- update on upin and ipin

33 weeks

Check up last Saturday went very well. Upin and Ipin are about 2.2 kilos each, which is a good weight. In fact, my baby centre update for 33 weeks for a single baby went something like- ‘ Your baby is about 2 kilos by now’…lol… mine are 0.2 kilos heavier than an average singleton baby at 33 weeks!

In fact, i still have a good supply of amniotic fluid in each bag, which doctor says means that the babies still have plenty of space to grow bigger. YIKES!

The extremely good news i heard was that at 33 weeks, Upin and Ipin have about a 100% chance of survival if they are delivered now. They may need just special care, and doc assured me that the chances of taking them home almost immediately is very good!

Here’s a happy mommy…counting down to seeing my 2 little babies…

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