my twin pregnancy journal- a’wristed’ development!

32 weeks

As if nothing else could go wrong! I’ve had what i thought was just a strained wrist for some time now. But a chance meeting with an aunt who used to be a physiotherapist warned that my symptoms weren’t a simple wrist twist, but something to do with my ligaments. She also told me that if it WAS what she suspected, I’d need steroid injections or if it got worse…surgery!

So, having avoided a visit to the doctor about it for quite awhile. I reluctantly went, and as I feared, it was ligament damage. And as I had also suspected, there’s nothing that can be done for me now to help with the pain because of my pregnancy. No oral medication, and I can’t do steroid injections. Now, I had expected all this news, and so wasn’t quite bummed…


My mom, who was with me at the doctor, asked if my new found hobby of crocheting had been a factor in my hurting my wrist. Although i yelped out frantically that the pain had begun before i started crocheting, my doctor sternly said, ‘No more’. He warned that if I continued with the constant repetitive action with my wrist, the damage could worsen, and I may find even carrying a baby’s bottle really difficult.

So, a wasted trip to the yarn shop the day before. Bundles of yarn that cannot fulfill its destiny to be elephants and monkeys for the twins and for nephew Mik.


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  1. imp: Swimming is ok but my mom won't let me go to the pool. She's afraid that i'll slip and fall cos i'm so huge and now getting clumsier. I'd ignore her but I need her to let me drive her car to the pool, or have her drive me to it. So i've been sulking a little, cos there's nothing more I want than to float weightless in the pool! =(

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