sweet and savoury

since reconnecting with some of the ol’ gal friends late last year, i seized the opportunity to have them over for dinner over the long weekend. all part of the plan of being more connected to friends i have tended to neglect over the years.

i fought the lazy bug and decided to cook. and also to make dessert.

the menu? salad with feta cheese, followed by do-it-ourselves-pizza and a low-fat, low calorie strawberry tart for dessert.

the pizza dough was made from scratch, and when the gals (and some hubbies) arrived, we folded up our sleeves and got our hands dirty, and assembled our own pizzas. hubby was happy to dump loads of blue cheese on his pizza, and my lil sis was happy to load her slices with lots of turkey ham.

the tart turned out pretty good. the recipe came from a cookbook i borrowed, and the light recipe only asked for a base of digestive biscuits, light cream cheese sweetened with only a few tablespoons of honey, topped with gorgeously sweet korean strawberries with blueberries. too.

loved it. i am definitely going to make it again!

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