kek lapis volume 2

it was time to roll up the sleeves and try again! my first attempt wasn’t exactly a dismal failure, but i was determined to get it absolutely right.

it didn’t help that the ego was bruised, when after my failed first attempt, mum decided to bake one just to show me how it’s done. *tsk* too bad hers was just a tad bit dry *snigger*. then sis-in-law baked a prune version *rolls eyes* (it was pretty good, i must admit).

and i was like- *double tsk* how come suddenly EVERYONE wants to bake kek lapis? huh? it was MY resolution to bake one for this raya.

heh. well. tried again. me no failure. and hey? this time it turned out really nice. really buttery and moist and the layers turned out nicely. doncha think?

(mom thinks its a tad bit sweet. *triple tsk*. i dun care, i think it tastes lovely)

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