kek lapis, love & tragedy

this year, i decided i want to try and make kek lapis or thousand layer cake. it’s a dense, rich, moist cake, that you layer one at a time. one layer, bake, then one more layer, bake- that’s how it got its name- the thousand layer cake.

its a really dense cake, and uses lots of eggs yolks. since this was my first try, i decided to halve the recipe and even then, i needed 15 egg yolks, and 4 egg whites!

such a labour of love it was. i was on my feet for 3 whole hours, baking layer by layer (lost count after 20th layer), making sure that the thin layers didn’t get burnt! it was very tiring.

while baking, i was reminded of an old friend in uni. he was a brilliant soci student, a few years my senior (he’s gone and done a pHd and is a lecturer now) . our families knew each other, his family was distantly related to mine. i was already seeing someone then, but we spent a lot of time chatting. he was such a precious friend to me. i knew from stories my aunt told me, about how good a son he was, that he was good at making kek lapis. one day, bringing it up, i asked whether he’d ever bake me one.

he did. a lovely mocha flavoured kek lapis. it was the most exquisite tasting kek lapis i had ever tasted!

we drifted apart after i graduated, and we’re not in touch any more. today, while i baked. it dawned upon me what a labour of love it was. and it made me wonder about his feelings for me then. i mean- why would he have gone through that much trouble. to prove to me that he could bake it? no- i knew without a doubt that he was able to. maybe he did harbour some feelings for me then. if so, i was quite the goondoo for not noticing it.


anyhow, my cake didn’t turn out all that good. i think it was too dense- too much butter, and the layers didn’t show well. but it tastes really nice. but not as nice as that mocha one that was made just for me! =)

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