fruity salad

mom had a date with some friends to celebrate a teacher-friend. so i was left at home on my own devices, to prepare our iftar meal.

surprise surprise, instead of losing weight from the fast. i’ve managed to add on the pounds! *shrieks*

so i thought i’d make a simple and refreshing fruit salad. helps load up on the vitamin c, fibre and fluids which are so important for the body, when you’re fasting.

try this. it’s so refreshingly simple. you can throw in any sort of fruit. i used grapes, green apples and watermelon. throw in some grassjelly (chin chow), and mix it all up. Serve in individual dishes, and just before serving- pour generaous amounts of soya-bean milk (like from the box is ok- less sugar option please!) over. If you like throw in some mixed nuts (but i cut them out this time, to reduce the calorie count). It’s absolutely delicious and refreshing i promise you!

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