banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting

thought’s i’d break out the baking tins this weekend. decided to try this lovely looking recipe from my new favourite

decided to try baking some banana cupcakes with honey-cinnamon frosting. the recipe is really easy-peasy! a beginner could do it, but watch out, the cupcake recipe are for real banana lovers only. the cupcakes turned out pretty interesting- it’s quite dense, with a healthy dose of bananas in them (i’ll probably reduce the bananas when i try this again). It’s almost like a moist banana-bread. If you’re a banana lover, you’d just love these moist luscious cupcakes.

The frosting is really sweet, the recipe asked for just a bit of cinnamon. i love the flavour of cinnamon more than honey, so i loaded on more cinnamon to suit my own tastebuds. It turned out pretty good by accident really, as the bananas i used weren’t actually suitable for baking- mom bought them for banana fritters. They were ripe, but not as sweet as other bananas, a little bit on the tart side. Which worked perfect for me, it balanced off the sweetness of the honey-cinnamon frosting.

All in all, i enjoyed it, i’d definitely try these again!

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