Chicago Mural Movement identifies key landmarks of the Chicago Mural Movement of the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s and showcases student-produced digital StoryMap narratives, and was produced in connection with an exhibit at the Block Museum.


Ancient Rome in Chicago is a developing architectural tour showcasing the many ways in which Chicago’s enduring, protean, at times antagonistic dialogue with classical antiquity has shaped the city’s look, reputation, and identity.


Open Door Archive is a digital repository and exhibition space dedicated to the print culture and multimedia archives of multiethnic poetry in and beyond the US. As our name suggests, we commit to providing free and open access to understudied, neglected, or previously inaccessible materials.


Technologies of Language is a pedagogical project exploring the evolving nature of language and books in a digital age, studying theories and philosophies of language, the history of book production, and the ever-proliferating digital technologies, platforms and applications being developed for the web.


Video Editing for Ordinary Film Analysis is a pedagogical project to analyze popular film through the creation and exploration of new media forms such as animated gifs, supercuts, and glitching.


WildWords is a collaborative encyclopedic-dictionary to be used as a resource for students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective and newly admitted students that are part of the Northwestern University speech community.