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Children play key role in making early education successful: Professor Sabol’s research highlighted by Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy

Professor Sabol’s “Crafting Child Policy” course presents to Illinois Governor’s Office

Positive engagement in preschool key to developmental gains: Professor Sabol’s research highlighted by the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University

Breaking the cycle of poverty: Initial impact findings of CareerAdvance from the Northwestern Two-Generation Research Initiative


In Press

Sabol, T. J., Bohlmann, N., & Downer, J. (in press).  Low-income ethnically diverse children’s engagement as a predictor of school readiness above preschool classroom quality. Child Development.

Sabol, T. J., & Pianta, R.C. (in press). The state of children in the United States: School readiness. In E. Dearing & E. Votruba-Drzal (Eds.), The Handbook of Early Childhood Development Programs, Practices, and Policies. Oxford, UK: Wiley.

Sommer, T.E., Sabol., T.J., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Brooks-Gunn, J. (in press). Two-generation education programs for parents and children. In S. Jones & N. Lesaux (Eds.), The Leading Edge of Early Childhood Education: Linking Science to Policy for a New Generation of Pre-Kindergarten. Boston, MA: Harvard Education Press.

Sommer, T. E., Sabol, T. J., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Small, M., Wilde, H., Brown, S., & Huang, Z. (in press). Promoting parents’ social capital to increase children’s attendance in Head Start: Evidence from an experimental intervention. Journal of Research on Education Effectiveness.


Sabol, T. J., Chase-Lansdale, P. L. & Brooks-Gunn, J. (2015). Advancing the science of child development: Do we need a new household survey? Journal of Economic and Social Measurement,, 40, 195–229.

Jamil, F. M., Sabol, T. J., Hamre, B. K., & Pianta, R. C. (2015). Assessing teachers’ skills in detecting and identifying effective interactions in the classroom: Theory and measurement. The Elementary School Journal, 115, 407-432.

Sabol, T. J. & Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (2015). The influence of low-income children’s participation in Head Start on their parents’ education and employment. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 34, 136-161. doi: 10.1002/pam.21799

Sabol, T. J. & Pianta, R. C. (2015). Validating Virginia’s Quality Rating and Improvement System among pre-kindergarten programs. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 30, 183-198.

Sabol, T.J., Sommer T.E., Chase-Lansdale, P.L. (2015). Transforming the Lives of Parents and Children Together: Two-Generation Educational Programs as Anti-Poverty Strategies. Illinois Kids Count 2015. Chicago, IL: Voices for Illinois Children.

Sabol, T. J., Sommer T. E., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Brooks-Gunn, J, Yoshikawa, H., King, C. T., Kathawalla, U. K., Alamuddin, R., Gomez, C., & Ross, E. C. (2015). Parent’s persistence and certification in a two-generation education and training program. Children and Youth Services Review, 58, 1-10.

Sabol, T.J. & Chase-Lansdale, P. L. (2015). Does Head Start promote outcomes for low-income parents? The Aspen Journal of Ideas. Washington, D.C.: Ascend at the Aspen Institute.

Sommer, T.E., Sabol., T.J., Smith, T., Dow, S., Barczak, M., Chase-Lansdale, P. L., Brooks-Gunn, J., Yoshikawa, H., & King, C. T. (2015). Promoting education: The two generation approach of the Community Action Project of Tulsa, OK. In C. T. King, P. L. Chase-Lansdale, & M. Small (Eds.). Two Generations. One Future. An Anthology From The Ascend Fellowship. Washington, D.C.: Ascend at the Aspen Institute


Pianta, R. C., Burchinal, M., Jamil, F., Sabol, T. J., Grimm, K., Hamre, B. K., Downer, J., Locasale-Crouch, J., & Howes, C. (2014). Does knowledge drive behavior or vice-versa? A cross-lag analysis of longitudinal associations of preschool teachers’ knowledge and behavior. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 29, 144-154.

Sabol, T. J. & Pianta, R. C. (2014). Do standard measures of preschool quality used in statewide policy predict school readiness? Education, Finance and Policy, 9, 116-164.


Sabol. T. J., Hong, S. S., Pianta, R. C., & Burchinal, M. R. (2013). Can rating pre-k programs predict school readiness? Science, 341, 845-846. doi: 10.1126/science.1233517

Sabol, T. J., & Pianta, R. C. (2013). Relationships between teachers and children. In W. M. Reynolds, G. E. Miller & I. B. Weiner (Eds.), Handbook of psychology, educational psychology (2nd ed., vol. 7) (pp. 199-211). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Lahti, M., Sabol, T. J., Starr, R., Langill, C., & Tout, K. (2013). Validation of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS): Examples from Four States, Research-to-Policy, Research-to-Practice Brief OPRE 2013-036. Washington, DC: Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Sabol, T. J. & Pianta, R. C. (2012). Patterns of school readiness forecast achievement and socioemotional development at the end of elementary school. Child Development, 83, 282-299. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8624.2011.01678.x

Sabol, T. J. & Pianta, R. C. (2012). Recent trends in research on teacher-child relationships.  Attachment and Human Development, 14, 213-231. doi:10.1080/14616734.2012.672262

2011 and earlier

Downer, J., Sabol, T. J., & Hamre, B.K. (2010). Teacher-child interactions in the classroom. Special topics issue: Overlaps between socio-emotional and academic development. Early Education and Development, 21, 699-723. doi: 10.1080/10409289.2010.497453


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