Data Sets/Computer Code

Data Sets

“Classical” (useful for teaching; available upon request)

      • Railway data used by Porter (1983) in ASCII or Stata format;
      • Tire data used by Bresnahan and Reiss in ASCII format;

Scanner Data

      • The Marketing Group at University of Chicago GSB has made available online the ERIM database, which is data collected by the now-defunct ERIM division of A.C. Nielsen on panels of households in two mid-sized Midwestern cities. Information is available on the purchases of households in a number of product categories along with household demographic information. The data and details can be found here.
        The so called Stanford Basket, which contains household and aggregate data for 24 categories over 104 weeks, can be obtained from David Bell at Wharton;
        Ron Cotterill at the Food Marketing Policy Center has scanner data at the quarter-brand-MSA level for several categories. Details are available here.
      • Prices, sales and inventories for many goods sold by a Spanish Supermarket chain are available from Victor Aguirregabiria’s web page;


Telecom Data

Electricity Market Data

Patent Data

      • Brownyn Hall’s web page has several links to patent data resources;


Computer Code