Tezozomoc (Tony Sandoval)

Tony Sandoval (Tezozomoc) is a cuicani (performance poet) and Xican@ Studies professor at East Los Angeles 1fa8e9_3e4455ac45154d5a8d7977cb6f10436fCollege and California State University at Northridge. The reason I became a cuicani was because I was lucky to have discovered Nahuatl poetry/16th century Mexican literature or flower and songs. Subsequently, I learned that not only are these ancient “poems,” according to the ancient sages, “the highest things on earth that can penetrate the confines of truth,” but they also have the power to “conpoloan tellel conpoloan totlayocol” (“destroy our pain, destroy our sadness”). With the help of these flowers and songs of antiquity, Xican@s/indigenous can heal from 500 years of colonization and understand themselves. Nahuatl poetry changed my life into a positive energy and catapulted me to be a Xican@ Studies professor, a 16th century Nahuatl document translator, with the ability to create art. Through music and poetry I address the issues (mental, physical, spiritual) that affect Xican@s and other indigenous peoples. I perform with a talented Xicano reggae band from East Los Angeles with the same message given by maestro Daniel Osuna to the people: “Know your history or you leave open the opportunity to make a mockery of your past!” Ometeotl

Website: http://knowyourflowersongs.com/