Indicating the variety of Indigenous peoples whose home is Turtle Island, Creating Nations: Past, Present, and Future brings together Native American/First Nations artists, activists, and scholars for a series of conversations on art and art making. How does the past shape contemporary Native American/First Nations art making? How can art build tangible sovereignty? Is art making an act of prophesy or an invitation to imagine a new world? No Indigenous nation experiences the past and present of settler colonialism in precisely the same way as another. These variations on the theme of empire intersect, ricochet, intertwine, and collide forging ways of knowing and being that are shared but distinct. Thinking through the relationship among national histories, current lived experience, and participation in future-making, the panelists draw upon varied disciplines, mediums, and art practices to articulate the specificity and stakes of Native American/First Nations art making.

Invited speakers and commentators include Adrienne Keene, Thomas Greyeyes, John Maárquez, Patricia Marroquin Norby, Julie Nagam, Randy Reinholz, Jerod Tate, Tezozomoc (Tony Sandoval), Mark Turcotte, Simon Ortiz, Ernest Whiteman III, and Kelly Wisecup.

(Image courtesy of Julie Nagam, Singing our Bones Home, 2013)

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