For current trainees in need of a reimbursement, please review the following categories and requirements.  For all reimbursements, you will be asked to sign both a physical paper as well as digitally through NU portal.

Conference Reimbursements

For conference reimbursements, please be prepared to send Grace the following:

  • Your ID number
  • Original receipts for mode of transportation (even if you are not asking the CMBD to cover transportation costs, we still need this information)
  • Original receipts for conference registration
  • Original receipts for lodging during conference (even if you are not asking the CMBD to cover lodging costs, we still need this information)
  • A conference ID badge, booklet, or other handout from the conference with your name and the date of the conference

Please note that you may only be reimbursed for travel completed while you are on the training grant.  Travel completed after your tenure on the training grant will not be reimbursed.

Food Reimbursements

For reimbursements for food/refreshments at meetings, please be prepared to send Grace the following:

  • Your ID number
  • Original Receipts for all food items (itemized receipts are best)*
  • A list of attendees at the meeting
  • A copy of a flier or e-mail promoting the meeting
  • A detailed list of what was served (no alcohol can be reimbursed)

If you are on the Chicago Campus, you will need to send the original receipts via campus mail to Grace for processing. The Financial Services Office requests that you provide the original documents.

*Note: Please be sure to present the Tax Exempt Form to any vendors when ordering food items for meetings on either campus. Unfortunately, any tax paid cannot be reimbursed.